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Turnabout by Laury A. Egan at NineStar Press

Genre Lesbian / Historical / 20th Century / Young Adult / Romance
Length Novel, 78500 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 30-November-2021

Book Blurb

The summer of 1964. Four teenage lives intertwine as each searches for love, identity, and a passage through painful family conflicts, social isolation, and the confusion of sexual orientation.


During a sailing class, four teenagers meet.


Jessie Schaffer is fourteen, an intelligent and solitary girl, who dreams of becoming a writer. When she sees nineteen-year-old Lindsay Ames, the instructor, standing on a dock, sunlight illuminating her blond hair and blue eyes, Jessie falls in love but is too afraid of her feelings and what they mean.


In an attempt to reassure herself she is “normal,” Jessie becomes involved with two boys in the class: Kenny Crenshaw, also fourteen, a darkly handsome and flirtatious guy, and Calvin Brayburn, a year younger, who will be in their freshman class because he’s academically brilliant.


On the first day of sailing, Cal is smitten with Jessie, though he is hindered by shyness. As the romantic relationships take unexpected twists, Jessie, Lindsay, Calvin, and Kenny relate their individual stories, their hopes, fears, and longings, all the while being buffeted by intense pressures.




Warning: underage drinking, smoking, bullying, homophobia, war and physical violence, attempted sexual assault, marijuana use, drug addiction, incest


Additional Information

Format ebook
Publisher NineStar Press
Length Novel, 78500 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 30-November-2021
Price $6.49 ebook
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