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Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Big Bad Wolf 4) by Charlie Adhara at Carina Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Paranormal / Agents/Spies / Officer of the Law / Shifters / Interspecies / Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 18-January-2021

Book Blurb

Agent Cooper Dayton and his partner, Oliver Park, are going undercover—at a retreat for couples who need counseling. They do say the best cover story is one that’s close to the truth…

Agent Cooper Dayton is almost relieved to get a phone call from his former boss at the Bureau of Special Investigations. It means a temporary reprieve from tensions created by house hunting with Oliver Park, his partner both in work and in life. Living together in a forever home is exactly what Cooper wants. He’s just not keen on working out the details.

With a former alpha werewolf missing, Cooper and Park are loaned to the BSI to conduct the search at a secluded mountain retreat. The agents will travel to the resort undercover…as a couple in need of counseling.

The resort is picturesque, the grounds are stunning and the staff members are all suspicious as hell.

With a long list of suspects and danger lurking around every cabin, Cooper should be focusing on the case. But he’s always been anxious about the power dynamics in his relationship with Park, and participating in the couples’ activities at the retreat brings it all to the surface. A storm is brewing, though, and Cooper and Park must rush to solve the case before the weather turns. Or before any more guests—or the agents themselves—end up dead.

Book Review

When I wrote my review for the third installment in this amazing series, I was really constrained by the number of spoilers I couldn’t reveal. Now, in ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’, book four of Charlie Adhara’s ‘Big Bad Wolf’ series, I can relate some of what I discovered and revel in the worldbuilding this author has created. Oh, and regale you with another gritty mystery combined with a stellar romance. I think it’s fairly obvious at this point that I really love these books and am looking forward to the next release.


Discovering that Oliver used to be the “Shepherd” for his grandfather and the Park pack really threw Cooper for a loop. The Shepherd’s job, so to speak, was to “convince” smaller packs to join the Park pack and become absorbed, ceding control of their lands and resources. The Shepherd was, and still remains, the most feared werewolf on the eastern seaboard and Oliver walked away from that, and his pack, when he could no longer continue as his grandfather’s sword, so to speak.  Imagine Cooper’s surprise when he discovers that Oliver sees him as his alpha and that Cooper’s AQ (alpha quotient) is quite high. Cooper is so confused by this because how can he be Oliver’s alpha when he’s not a wolf. Well, there are a lot of factors involved and it is in this fourth volume that Cooper learns more and accepts his role.


“Or, alarming thought, what if Park genuinely liked those gaudy mansions and velvet fainting couches, or whatever such homes were filled with? Cooper opened his mouth, closed it. They were on a case, not a real getaway. If the biggest “emotional secret” waiting to be uncovered Vanessa had referred to was that Park was an aesthetic Liberace in waiting, they’d cross that golden bridge when they got to it.” ~ Cooper


Cooper continues to amuse me with his thought processes but I’m so very happy to see his emotional growth that occurs in this novel. I have mentioned in reviews of the other books in the series, that I have never seen characters more reluctant to discuss their feelings, their thoughts, their vulnerabilities, etc., and being ringside to witnessing both Cooper and Oliver’s opening up was quite exciting. I mean, Oliver actually shifts in front of Cooper and allows him to give his wolf what he needs. This is huge, trust me. Cooper realizing that he struggles with PTSD from his attack by a werewolf a few years before is equally intense and had me, ridiculously I might add, feeling so proud of these guys.


“But that was Park. The strongest, toughest softie he knew. Made up of these seeming contradictions that all worked together to make Cooper’s heart hammer in its cage, demanding to be let out to call a lawyer. It was unfair, unjust and uncalled for, how much Park made him love him.” ~ Cooper


I realize I haven’t gone into much detail about the plot of this novel but, in my opinion, the character development is far more interesting. Once again, the mystery and drama in this book is exciting and very well written, but doesn’t overshadow the romance and revelations between the two characters. The secrets contained at the retreat are immense and these two investigators are at their best figuring out whodunit. I’m not going to spoil the ending but I’ll just say that I’m really anticipating the release of book five and watching Cooper deal with more house hunting and preparations for his future with Oliver.





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