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Virgin Shifters: Shifting for the First Time - A Limited Edition Collection

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Vampires / Romance
Reviewed by nakin1978 on 20-October-2020

Book Blurb

First time shifting

There’s a first time for everything. When these shifters come of age, shifting for their first time into their true form, you never know what will happen. Is that love in the air, or just mating rituals handed down from one generation to another?

Pick up this exciting boxset with new to you authors and some old favorites. It’s sure to please and give you hours of reading pleasure.

Including stoires from: JS Bright, Melissa E Costa, Nicole Dennis, Kelly Fox, Jessie G, Miski Harris, Katey Hawthorne, Kris Jacen, Jacki James, Kim Katil, K-Lee Klein, Lynn Michaels, Megs Prichard, Victoria Sue, TL Travis, Sara York


Book Review

This is a collection of several different stories. With each new story I will write my thoughts of it to give you the rundown of the book as a whole!


Countdown by JS Bright

Colin is somewhat new to town. He was kicked out of his parents’ house when he came out and it took him a while to finally get on his feet. Now he is, but he is not ready for his new friends at the gym he works for to know he is gay in case it is his coming out all over again.


One of the clients who comes in to the gym is a guy named Landyn. Since seeing him for the first time Colin has been having a lot of erotic dreams about him even though they have never officially met. Also strangely enough since first seeing him, it seems that Colin had been going through some changes physically as well like gaining strength he never had until now.


After another day at the gym and his increasing strength an accident occurs that brings Colin face to face with Landyn. From this moment on things for Colin are about to change forever and stories he thought were nothing more than myths are about to become a truth he never expected to happen. Will Colin be able to deal with finding out about shifters and that he may be one? Will Landyn be able to help him?


This was a good short story! I enjoyed the chemistry between these two and the touch of danger mixed in as well!



The Last Kitsune by Melissa E Costa


Shigeru is just now hitting his coming of age into manhood. Instead of being able to join his friends in celebration he is following his family’s tradition of returning to the outskirts of Nikko to care for Shinto shrine as part of his duty for becoming a man. This is definitely not what he would like to be doing but it is his duty. He has vague memories of coming here previously and somewhat remembering playing with a friend or cousin maybe but not much else of the place.


When he finally arrives, he is greeted by Kai. Turns out Kai is the one he became friends with when he was last here. Shigeru feels bad about not remembering him until now but is grateful he will have someone to spend the week with while he is doing his duty to his family.


Almost immediately Shigeru notices something strange happening around him but the question is, how will he handle the fact that Kai is not who he thought he was but so much more. Not only that but there are many secrets that he is about to uncover. The most unnerving may be that he is finding himself drawn to a man for the first time!


This was a decent read. I will admit that I did get a little lost here and there in the story but overall it was a good read!



By the Moonlight by Megs Pritchard 

I know I am only three stories in but I have to say this is my favorite one so far. It is about two men named Stone and Jordy.


Jordy has known that Stone was his mate since he was a baby. Knowing this has made it hard on Jordy but the time has finally come to be able to tell Stone who he really is and that he is his mate as well.


Stone is finally eighteen. For his birthday, not only did he have a huge party but he is going camping for the weekend with one of his favorite people, Jordy. Lately though, something has changed for Stone. He has been having these feelings for Jordy that he has never had for another man. But Stone is not willing to let them come between them.


Jordy knows this camping trip will change Stone’s life forever. Not only will he tell him that he is a wolf shifter and that Jordy is as well, but he will also let him know they are mates. Everything is finally coming together.


What will happen when things do not go as expected? Will Stone accept the truth about himself and Jordy or will it all be too much and too many secrets hidden from him to handle?


This was my favorite read so far. I loved this story! Great read!



Prey to the Fox by Jessie G

This story was a lot more emotional then the other stories thus far in this book. This one talks about emotional abuse of a family member so be forewarned before reading it because of triggers.


Bastian has had the odds stacked against him from the very beginning of his life. He is a bunny shifter and when he was born, the doctors did not think he would survive. But he beat those odds only to grow up with his father and their pack constantly emotionally abusing him at any opportunity.


When he realizes that he is the mate to Dario, a fox shifter and the son of the alpha, he tries to do everything in his power to push Dario away. The thing is, even though Bastian is a shifter, he has never been able to shift. So he sees himself as a hindrance. 


Dario will do everything he can to make sure that Bastian realizes that he is not broken and that even if he never shifts, as long as they are together everything will be fine. 


When the devious plan that Bastian’s father has in place for him comes to light, Bastian has to decide if he will continue to let his father get in his head and keep him from his mate or if he will let go of what he cannot change and accept the love that Dario has for him before it is too late.


I loved this read! It was a lot deeper than the previous stories, and man it was so good! Definitely worth the read!



Blessed to Be Dead by TL Travis

With each new story in this collection, I find that I cannot choose which is my favorite. And I have more to go!


Liam comes from a big wealthy family. Sadly though, he feels like he is not seen and never heard. He is the youngest in a long line of family members who all work for the family business, so even though this is not the life Liam wants for himself, it is the life he has. Sadly another aspect of his life that he has no control over is the fact that he is gay, but would never dare to let his family know for fear of their reaction. Everyone in the family has a line to tow and no one is to cross that line.


After another night of dealing with his family, Liam has to get away so he can clear his head. This is where he meets the man who is going to change and maybe even save his life!


Elijah is over two hundred years old. He is a vampire but of course neither of those things is something that he can tell anyone. When he meets Liam, he feels an immediate attraction to him. But soon he realizes that there is so much more between the two of them. Though he has never been a big believer in mates, he knows beyond a doubt that is exactly who Liam is… his mate!


The question is, will Liam be able to accept who and what Elijah is? What will happen when an unexpected twist occurs?


This was a great read! I love TL Travis’s books so I am not surprised I liked this one as well! Great read!



Finding His Groove by Sara York

This story had mystery, danger, and unexpected love in it. I really enjoyed reading it. It was a bit different than any other shifter read in the aspect that one of the main characters’ shifter side is definitely something I have not come across before.


Avi is from a well-off family but he enjoys the simple things in life like going to work each day and making furniture from wood. Sadly Avi has yet to have his first shift, so he has yet to learn what his shifter side will be. In their community humans and shifters are aware of one another and accept each other.


One day out of the blue Avi stumbles across a bear shifter whom he does not know. What he does know is there is definitely something different about this bear shifter because he feels an instant attraction to him. The next time he meets this same shifter is while he is in his human form and finds out his name is Win. Win works for FSHRB and is in town looking for a rogue agent. What he never expected to find was his mate.


When danger from the rogue agent hits way too close to home, it is going to take both Avi and Win working together to protect the other.


I really enjoyed this story. It was a very exciting read!



First Fire by Lynn Michaels

I will honestly say that this story was a little of a letdown. It started out strong but by the ending I was left feeling like I had a lot of unanswered questions.


Denver was raised by his aunt and taught to believe that if he had sex that demons would haunt him. Some part of that upbringing has definitely stuck with him. So now with having War as a boyfriend, taking that step together is unnerving and hard for Denver to do.


After quite a bit of time together it comes to the point in their relationship that both men are ready to cross that line. After finally having done that something strange does indeed occur – Denver shifts into a firebird. With good reason, Denver starts to believe what his aunt told him was true.


Can War help Denver figure out what is going on and why he is suddenly shifting?


This was a good read but a little of a letdown because the reason as to why Denver can shift never really comes to light nor his purpose in being able to do so.



The Omega Thief by Victoria Sue

This story blew me away. But I am truly not surprised because Victoria Sue has always had a way of doing just that. What makes me even happier is that this story is the prequel to a new series named ‘Wolves of the Five Kingdoms’ that will release next year, and boy I cannot wait if this was anything to go off. I will most definitely be waiting impatiently for that.


Attiker is a commoner. He has very little money and at times has to resort to being a thief. So when accused of trying to steal a purse that he did not try to steal, he demands a Royal Hearing. What he never expected is what is to happen next.


Raz is the prince and is about to become the king. One problem though, he has to find his bonded mate first before he can accept. After many have claimed to be his bonded made who were not, Raz is getting very irritated. So when a thief requests a Royal Hearing Raz is surprised to find just who he has been looking so hard for. But this will not happen without many complications. 


How will Attiker react when he realizes just how special he truly is? Will he accept his fate?


This was an incredible story and I cannot wait for the new series to come out!



Bee Cave Magic by Kelly Fox

I have to say this is the funniest story of this book so far! I found myself laughing several times throughout the read and even sitting here thinking back on it, I am laughing again.


Micah comes from a wealthy family of shifters but is left feeling less than because he is what his family considers a dud because he has never shifted. So because of his “dud status” his family treats him like crap. 


After another long day of working the family restaurant doing the job that appeals the least to Micah, he is finally off and cleaning up the smell of his job when out of the blue Micah’s long-term crush walks into the room. Micah is humiliated to be half naked in front of Rex but Rex is thrilled to see Micah. Especially since Micah has so far tried to avoid Rex at all costs.


After the brief meeting the two run into one another once again when Micah’s car breaks down on the side of the road. This is when Fate steps in and brings these two men together once and for all. Though Micah has always believed his family and their feelings of his dud status, Rex shows Micah that they are very wrong and it takes the two finally getting together long enough for that to show. Micah’s shifter side finally emerges and boy is it a big one. Not only is he a powerful shifter but he is Rex’s mate.


Will this change how his family views him? Will they finally accept him as an equal? What will happen when Micah’s shifter side makes some hilarious mistakes?


This was the funniest story thus far! Definitely a read everyone needs because you will be laughing long after the story is done!



Paws in The Snow by Nicole Dennis

This story was a little disappointing. I say that because in my opinion this is a book about virgin shifter romance in some form or fashion, but this story was just not that. As a matter of fact, I would just say this is a shifter read but no romance or even messing around of any sort. Now the story itself I really liked but the fact that a very big portion of what I felt should have been in this book was missing.


This story is about Derick. He is a college student. He has just turned twenty-one and with that comes the revelation that he is a shifter. He had no clue about this being a possibility because he does not know his father well. When the shift starts to occur, his TA recognizes the signs and Ben is there to help him through his first shift. 


This is basically the gist of the story but the storyline is deeper. I would have liked to see more between these two because honestly there was nothing at all between them other than the shift itself. Would definitely like to have an extended story on these two in order to see if they come together in the end.



Shift to Grey by Kim Katil 

I will be honest and say that I would not mind having a series made out of this story! I was sucked in from the very beginning and did not want it to end.


Bryan is just a regular human. Living as a human in the area is not all that safe after dark, but on nights like tonight, Bryan finds himself having no choice in the matter because he was held up at work. When on his way home, Bryan knew something is not right. That is when “the wraith” starts to appear. A wraith is not something you want to come in contact with because the odds are you will not be walking away alive. Oddly enough out of the blue something else appears as well, a small gargoyle flies directly into Bryan’s arms. Now Bryan has to figure out a way to protect this precious creature and himself. Thankfully his saving grace is the two hellhounds that have decided that he needs them as a friend.


After Bryan gets them both home safely with the help of the hellhounds, he knows he has to get in touch with the Gargoyle Alpha and get the gargoyle in his protection home safe. But there is a catch – it seems that Bryan and Nic, the gargoyle, have bonded and now Bryan will become one as well. But not only that, he is the mate of the alpha. 


Everything is happening quickly but Bryan could not be happier or at least that is until the threat increases and if he is not careful someone may end up dead.


I loved this story! It was such a great read!!Definitely highly recommended!



Mountain Air by Kris Jacen

This is one of the shorter stories I have read thus far, but boy was it a good one.


Garrett has just returned to Oregon to be a park ranger and closer to his conclave of mountain lions and his family. The first day on the job is definitely an eventful one. He is supposed to be meeting up with a man named Rob who will be studying the plants on the mountain.


What neither man expected was to meet under dire circumstances. It seems that Garrett’s sister was on the mountain in lion form as well as his nieces when Rob stumbled upon them. To say that the situation is precarious is an understatement. What is even more strange about everything is that once Garrett handles the situation, he accuses Rob of being a shifter as well.


Can this day get even more out of control? Why yes it can, and you will have to read this story to find out what hat happens next. You will not be disappointed that you did!



Open Season by Katey Hawthorne

Mason is no stranger to loss. He lost his mom and dad both when he was ten years old, they shifted into their coyote form one night, and were shot by trophy hunters. So when the time comes for Mason to shift for the first time, he is nervous. Though his nerves threaten to get the best of him, he goes through with the shift and does what coyotes do, he hunts. 


What Mason did not expect was to fall prey to hunters himself. Mason is lucky though because he is shot in the hind leg and even more lucky because was found by a vet who is studying the wildlife habitat where he lives. 


Though Owen never expected the coyote he rescued to actually be a shifter coyote, he still helps him recover from his gun shot wound. Over the following days these two men become closer and ultimately end up together. 


With Owen’s help, Mason and Owen have come up with a plan to help keep Mason’s family safe from hunters. Now can they convince Mason’s family?


This was a good read! I enjoyed it.



Sunbeams and Suntea by K-Lee Klein

Now this story definitely threw me for a loop. Talk about some major surprises!


Cason was adopted when he was young. When he was twelve, he met another boy named Joe. Joe and Cason quickly became best friends and then later became so much more.


Now all these years later Joe and Cason are still together and getting ready to celebrate Cason’s twenty-fifth birthday. But before that can happen Cason is given a surprise he did not see coming. Out of the blue his birth father shows up and suddenly Cason is not acting like himself. Between waking up at the crack of dawn, which is not like Cason, suddenly constantly drinking suntea instead of coffee and just about every other aspect of his life... Joe is extremely concerned. Then you throw in the new pop, Rex, and the way he treats Joe, and Joe has had just about enough.


When more secrets start to arise, how will both Joe and Cason handle it? Can Rex really be trusted? Will Cason be able to handle the secret that Joe has been keeping from him as well?


I loved this story. I could not believe the twist and turns it took! Amazing read!



Prince of Indigo Island by Jacki James

I really enjoyed this read! It is a slow buildup but at the same time the buildup feels so real!


Caspian has always been afraid of water for as long as he can remember. Not because he is afraid of not being able to swim, but because he is afraid of how drawn to it he is.


Ford is a merman. He has his own charter boat and he lives on the island with the rest of his pod. When he is chartered to take out a man who is afraid of water, he is skeptical. But when he meets him, he knows that Caspian is a merman as well. But he can tell he is truthful in his fear. So Ford decides that he is taking him to the island and will help him to learn about his true self and if along the way more develops between them, then that that is okay as well.


This was such a sweet read. The only thing that I wish is that there would have been more about Caspian’s mom and dad and that he would have met the rest of the pod. That is the only thing that I felt was left out of this read.



Leopard’s Lair by Miski Harris

The best was saved for last in my opinion. ‘Leopard’s Lair’ is definitely a story that I would want to have a full-length novel or even a series out of.


M’haven is not an ordinary man nor was his birth. Being an extremely rare white tiger, where and who he was born to made him a target and marked for instant death. His birth mother had prepared for this possibility and had a plan to save his life.


Now years later, after graduating and about to start an internship, M’haven is about to find out the truth from his two dads who adopted him. Luckily M’haven will have his friend and now new mate Nevada beside him through everything that is about to happen.


Nevada has known his whole life that he is a wereleopard. The thing he did not know was that he was also rare himself because he is a rare snow leopard! With these two newly mated and having finally shifted into their were forms for the first time, they see their whole lives in front of them. The one thing they do not expect is M’haven’s biological father to find out about his being alive and coming for him and anyone who stands in his way!


This was an incredible read! I could definitely do with more of this story! It’s a great ending to this collection of incredible Virgin Shifter stories.



I definitely highly recommend this whole book to others. There is definitely a story in here for everyone who loves shifter reads! Happy reading!




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