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Underhill (Tyack & Frayne 8) by Harper Fox at FoxTales

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Psychic Powers / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 08-November-2017

Book Blurb

A Tyack & Frayne Halloween Story

It’s Halloween, and Lee is wrapping up a TV special at Underhill, a haunted house on Bodmin Moor. There’s only one problem – despite its terrible past, this house doesn’t seem to be haunted at all. Not great for the fans of Spirits of Cornwall, but all Lee wants to do is get home to Gideon and Tamsyn in time for their family party. Gid and Zeke are due to pick him up at any minute, so Lee sends his film crew home to enjoy their own Halloween plans .

The moment he’s alone, everything changes. When Gideon and Zeke arrive, they find the house deserted and dark. Zeke thinks Lee must have left with the film crew, but Gid’s instincts tell him otherwise.

The policeman and the preacher must set aside their differences and pool their gifts to pick up Lee’s trail. Will they be in time to save him from the ghosts and strange forces at work in Underhill House?

Book Review

It's Halloween night in Cornwall and everyone is excited about the celebration, especially Tamsyn, of 'Underhill' by Harper Fox, her family and friends. They have a big night planned including candy and bobbing for apples, but one of her parents is missing. Gideon and Zeke go to pick Lee up where he and his crew had been filming a Halloween show, but when Gideon and Zeke arrive, Lee is nowhere in sight. Even though they don't see him, Gideon is still convinced he's there, and is determined to search until he finds him.

While Lee is waiting for Gideon, he looks around the room and notices a typed note that seems to be a story in which he is featured. Then, Lee notices a door that wasn't there before. Before he knows it, Lee is sucked through the door into a basement. Sitting on a crate near him is the disreputable Bill Prowse. Impatiently Lee asks why Bill pulled him down there; Bill quickly tells him that it wasn't him, but her and points in “her” direction. She turns out to be Ruth Cadwaller, a feisty, cryptic writer who died a while ago. Realizing that Mrs. Cadwaller is a spirit and that Bill can see her too, makes Lee realize that Bill would have to be dead. Bill doesn't take it well when he realizes he's crossed over and immediately starts confessing his many sins, thinking that it might influence where he ends up. His confession includes the stunt that ties him to Mrs. Cadwaller, being the reason he's with her at present. Bill becomes terrified when he realizes that Mrs. Caldwaller can make anything happen by just typing it in the air, and keeps begging Lee to help him. Lee has no idea how, but all he wants is to get out of this nightmare and back to his Gideon and Tansy.

Harper packs so much humor, history, and haunting in it that the tale seems much longer than it actually is. It's not a stand-alone story by any means, because there is so much background involved, especially concerning Bill Prowse's past in relation to Lee and Gideon. Bill always manages to be involved when “bad” things happen and this is no exception. Although frightening and suspenseful, once again, Harper deepens Gideon and Lee's loving relationship and endears them to me even more than before. I especially enjoyed seeing a more 'playful' side of Zeke who manages to keep his stodgy religious side yet loosens up more at the same time. Thanks, Harper, for the great Halloween treat!





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 54 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 28-October-2017
Price $2.99 ebook
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