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Unbound Reaction (Prentiss 4) by Talia Carmichael at Simply Sophisticated Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Cowboys / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 22-May-2020

Book Blurb

When someone sees all that he is, they can delve deep within his soul, and there is no hiding from what the heart desires…

Kendall Weston thinks living in Prentiss is a welcome change from his past. He enjoys working for his former boss in a law firm as his assistant, yet there is one thing that is messing things up. When he took the job, no one said anything about four-legged demons that could crush him with their big legs. He's not getting on a horse, no matter what anyone said. At his supposed lesson, he has his argument all ready for the reason he can't ride a horse. That is until he meets a man who knocks him for a loop. The man looks so solemn, but the sparkle in his gaze makes Kendall want to see how he would look if he smiled.

Thomas Ward takes over the lesson for the man who is obviously out of place. There is something he can't define that draws him to the man. Kendall's sharp wit and humor draw him in even more. Thomas is more comfortable with horses than people, but Kendall is different than any man he has ever been attracted to. To get Kendall, he's going to have to soothe the skittish man as he does his horses—with lots of steady touches and soft words, then he will let Kendall have his way before holding on for the ride of his unbound reaction.

First edition published by Pride Publishing, August 2014.

Book Review

Kendall Weston, from Talia Carmichael's 'Unbound Reaction', is trying to run from the pain of a past relationship when he moves to Prentiss. Thomas Ward isn't looking for love at all. He's content to train horses; they are easier to deal with than humans. When he gets a glimpse of Kendall, who has come to the ranch to learn how to ride, he quickly offers to take over the lessons. Thomas is instantly drawn to him; he sees that Kendall, like so many of Thomas's horses, is skittish and he knows just how to deal with him.

Kendall’s boss has made it a requirement that Kendall learn how to ride a horse and he has resisted as long as he can. When he finally gives in and goes out to the ranch to begin his lessons, he learns that his instructor is to be a handsome man named Thomas. He has a calm, serious manner which Kendall appreciates. Kendall wants to get to know him as more than an instructor, but his past holds him back. He has just come out of a heartrending breakup which has left him more than hesitant about becoming attached to someone else. Kendall keeps telling himself that their connection is only a physical attraction and that is the way he wants to keep it. The closer he and Thomas become, the more boxed in he feels, until he reaches the point where he becomes so terrified that he completely backs away from the relationship. Kendall is miserable. He misses Thomas terribly, but even that isn't enough to make him swallow his pride and put aside his fear in order to be with the man he knows he loves.

Thomas is definitely the strong, silent type with a dazzling smile. He is a very serious man and an excellent horse trainer. Even though so many of his friends and family are happily paired up, Thomas is content to be with his horses, rather than jump into just any relationship. The thing about Thomas is, when he does decide he wants something, he jumps in with both feet, assertively and directly. When he first sees Kendall at the ranch, looking lost, Thomas immediately decides this is someone he wants to know better and sets forth to do so. He switches places with Paxton, the man who is supposed to give Kendall his lessons, and takes over, knowing from the beginning that Kendall is someone who needs to be gentled, someone who needs to learn to trust, and Thomas wants to be the one to win that trust, whatever it takes.

This is a short love story about two men who belong together who have obstacles to overcome before they can live up to their full potential as a person and as a couple. The ongoing series theme of family and friends is one of its best elements. Their bickering, loving, fighting, bantering, and support ranges from angry to nurturing, but is always done with love. I recommend this story to fans of the ‘Prentiss’ series and to others who like tough cowboys who can also be tender, horses, love, regardless of the challenges. Thanks, Talia, for giving Thomas and Kendall a happy ending to their story.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 23000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 24-December-2019
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