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Training an Unruly Submissive (Sensation, Louisiana 1) by Serenity Snow at Siren Publishing

Genre Lesbian / Paranormal / Shifters / BDSM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by jj on 22-May-2014

Book Blurb

Spider shifter Sienna Haze is a dominant and sensual woman who believes all subs should be treated with a firm hand. However, when her mate catches her with another woman and walks out on her, she lets her leave. Eight months later, Kallie Checkwing returns to Sensation after her mother’s death and finds herself as drawn to Sienna as ever. Wary, she tries to keep as much distance between them as possible, but an attempt to kidnap her throws Kallie into Sienna’s arms and training as a submissive.

Undisciplined, Kallie resists the discipline Sienna imposes on her. In spite of that, she finds herself irrevocably drawn into the sensual world of pain and pleasure. With each moment, Kallie falls deeper in love, and danger closes in on them with another strike. So, to protect her, Sienna goes hunting with a deadly vengeance determined to stop the merciless evil before it can make its last strike against Kallie.


Book Review

In the town called Sensation there are spider shifters, butterfly shifters, ladybug shifters, scorpion shifters, and possibly more in this interesting community. Fascinatingly, there are no mortals, just witch-shifters. I am fairly new to shifter literature and legends, but I was astounded at the extraordinary speed and variation as these entities moved from one form to another. In practically a blink of an eye, they could move from human form, to insect micro-form, or human-size insect form. Amazing! Additionally, I genuinely enjoyed this book and the sex was very hot complementing the intriguing mystery surrounding a disturbing murder. Marvelous!

Kallie Checkwing left Sensation in a huff eight months ago. Returning now after the murder of her mother, she has regrets for her actions. She also realizes she may be in danger. That is when the girlfriend of her dreams reappears on the scene. Kallie experiences some of the most amazing multi-level intense reconnections with the woman who stole her heart many years earlier. There are also an extraordinary amount of mysteries yet to be revealed about Kallie. She simply blossoms and evolves right before our eyes while being the "Unruly Submissive". Astounding!

Sienna Haze is a distinctive and dominant predatory spider. She prefers, wants, and perhaps needs to have her lovers obedient and submissive. Not too much to ask! She is an imposing and quite impressive presence who has definitely disappointed her parents by her embracing her lesbian nature. Sienna had been comfortable with her need and preference for multiple partners, but following the threat to her community that Kallie's mother's murder generated everything is in flux. Sienna is an impressive and mesmerizing woman!

Sienna and Kallie are simply magnificent and a super hot couple. There is a curious ménage when Sienna adds another dominant to the equation causing some expected resistance yet some unexpected responses and results. However, the fight to save Sensation and Kallie is the main focus and distinctly entertaining in a definite tense and taut way. This book was a complete eye-opener for me and I truly enjoyed it. I certainly recommend it and encourage everyone, including newbies like myself, to not be put off by the BDSM elements and curious witch-shifter action. They really make the story very enjoyable!





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 46753 words
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Publication Date 07-May-2014
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