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Their Koala Omega (Vale Valley) by Lorelei M. Hart at Decadent Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / MPreg / Shifters / Menage MMM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 20-February-2019

Book Blurb

The worst part of bearing the Cupid Curse is that alpha cupid Roberto spends his days and nights helping others find the kind of love he knows he’ll never experience himself. When he moves to Vale Valley, he assumes his life will continue unchanged—no matter what his private hopes might be.

Daniel, an alpha groundhog shifter, recently scored a career-building job at the local human television station a few towns over, so he moved to Vale Valley to be near family. Little does he know that Vale Valley holds not only secrets but also his true mates.

Omega koala shifter Cam loves living in Vale Valley. As the late-shift bartender at The Bar, the local shifter hangout, he’s able to make ends meet while doing something he enjoys. Still, he’s lonelier than he likes to admit.

But a late-night chance meeting on Groundhog Day breathes new life into this trio—especially the omega—after a hot night together. Working through an unusual pregnancy and career complications only solidifies their bond. Maybe all three can finally find a happily ever after in this sweet small town where love is just as magical as its inhabitants.

Book Review

Set in the fictional small town of Vale Valley, a place where all kinds of “paras” are at home, this is an adorable story about three very different men who find out they are mated despite their differences. A groundhog, a cupid, and a koala shifter may not seem to have much in common, but these three definitely belong together. Following their adventures as they discover life as mates and new fathers was extremely entertaining!

Roberto is an alpha cupid, and his “job”, or more accurately his calling, has a few drawbacks – mainly that he never knows when his talent to help people fall in love will be needed. It makes having a family of his own quite challenging, but since he never expected to have a mate, never mind two, he has not worried about it before. Now he has to deal with it – and the one big advantage he has is another thing he has to figure out how to share with his mates.

Daniel is an alpha groundhog shifter and – of course – becomes a weatherman. I have to admit that did make me chuckle, and his various steps up in the world of human television were very amusing. But when he finds two mates his life and priorities change and he has to figure out what is more important: fame on TV or being around his new family.

Omega koala shifter Cam is the third partner in this unusual mating, and while he loves his job as a bartender, he is rather lonely. When he meets Roberto and Daniel, Cam is surprised, happy, and quite clearly ready to start a family. Being a koala makes having a baby a different experience from “normal” shifter pregnancies, and I loved finding out the details.

If you like sweet romances with very little angst and lots of loving, if you think three very different shifters can make things work as a family, and if you’re looking for a fun read with lots of humor and some creative worldbuilding, then you will probably like this novella.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 111 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 27-January-2019
Price $2.99 ebook
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