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The Wedding Planner's Manny (Oceanport Omegas 5) by Ann-Katrin Byrde

Genre Gay / Urban Fantasy / MPreg / Omegaverse / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 10-September-2018

Book Blurb

When Rhys returned to his hometown, he thought he’d escaped his abusive cultist husband, but shortly after settling back into Oceanport, he discovers he’s pregnant—from his ex. Determined to give his baby a good life and to do it without his ex’s knowledge, Rhys needs a job. Luckily, his brother’s wedding planner needs a manny. Which sounds perfect, until Rhys shows up for the interview and he realizes his new boss used to be his secret childhood crush.

Ethan spends his life planning everyone else’s happy ever afters—too bad he can’t make that work for his own life. He certainly never planned for his wife to walk out on him, or to end up the single father of two boys, yet somehow that’s where he’s found himself. But if it’s hard on him, it’s worse for his sons. Emotionally wounded, 3-year-old Caleb’s struggled in every daycare Ethan’s tried, and 12-year-old Nathan’s chased off every nanny Ethan’s hired in between. Ethan needs someone special, who can bridge the growing gap between him and the boys and make them whole again.

In Rhys, Ethan finally finds that someone. But as he watches Rhys slowly knit his family back together, he finds himself falling for the courageous young omega. Only, Rhys is still healing himself from his last relationship, and so is Ethan. It looks hopeless. But Rhys is done running, and Ethan has a plan—can they create their own happy ending from the ashes of their past?

Book Review

I’m so glad the author chose to write Rhys’s story right after Nick’s, seeing as they’re twins and Nick was instrumental in getting Rhys out of the crazy Vinist cult he’d married into. Vinists believe the alpha is king, the omega is a maid, they don’t recognize divorce, the best omega is a very submissive one, and they tend to abuse their omegas fairly frequently calling it “discipline”. Besides the fact that this is one of my favorite omegaverse series, the blurb pulled me right in and I couldn’t help but feel for Ethan and his two motherless sons. Something told me that Ethan and Rhys were going to find what they’d both been missing their whole lives, together.

“Parenting worked best as long as your kids believed you had more power than you did.”

My heart went out to Ethan, especially when I learned about his own childhood and the promises he’d made to himself for whenever he had kids. Ethan and his high-school sweetheart got pregnant (I don’t believe in saying he got her pregnant because it takes two) and married early having Nathan at eighteen. Even though they had Caleb eight years later, the marriage was basically a sham and Ethan woke one morning to find she’d packed her stuff and took off in the night not even leaving a note. The boys don’t understand why mom is gone and why she isn’t coming home. Nathan wants to be seen as grown-up enough to not need a nanny which is why he has run off several of them in the past year. Caleb is just terrified of letting anyone get close, positive they’ll disappear from his life, too.

Rhys is one of six children and a twin to someone who is far more outgoing than he is, not to mention Rhys is very socially awkward, had no friends growing up, and was considered weird by his peers because he read all the time and liked studying new things. He met Jeremiah while he was in his final semester at college and Jeremiah said all the right things, things no one had ever said to Rhys before, and so Rhys married him right after graduation. Rhys tried to be a good Vinist but it wasn’t for him and his husband changed so much once he was back at home around his entire family. Unfortunately, Rhys agreed to meet his husband one last time - after Rhys had left the cult - because Jeremiah said he’d sign the divorce papers. But now Rhys is pregnant with his soon-to-be ex-husband’s child, whom he can’t tell Jeremiah about, and falling hard for Ethan and his sons.

This could have been an easy story but I know this author’s style well enough by now to know that Ethan and Rhys’s love, and happiness, was going to be hard-won. Between exes returning and manipulating everything around them, I was surprised that my guys managed to stay relatively sane. Personally, I was ready to start bitch slapping some people, and even Ethan’s grandmother wouldn’t have been safe from my wrath.

I really enjoyed this addition to the series although I have to admit that it didn’t hit me in the feels as much as some of the others have. I truly believe that fault lies with me however, and not with the characters or the story. I’m definitely looking forward to reading the next book in the series.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 309 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 17-April-2018
Price $3.99 ebook, $9.99 paperback
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