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The Trail Boss and the Brat (Farthingdale Ranch 6) by Jackie North at Blue Rain Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Cowboys / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 06-May-2022

Book Blurb

Even a rugged heart can be broken, but can it find love again?

After a fierce betrayal, Quint closes off his heart, walking the earth alone. He can’t trust anyone, even if they need him. He can’t, he just can’t.


He’s designed his life to follow a steady, even cadence. There are rules.


Rule Number One - Don’t mess with Quint.
Rule Number Two - Don’t disobey Quint on a trail ride.
Rule Number Three - Don’t ever forget rule 1 or rule 2.

Then along comes Ashley, who doesn’t follow any rules, especially ones that keep him from getting exactly what he wants.


Book Review

“You learned to run from what you feel, and that's why you have nightmares. To deny is to invite madness. To accept is to control.” ~ Megan Chance, The Spiritualist


Ashley, of ‘The Trail Boss and the Brat’ by Jackie North, has tried to get his parents’ attention for a long time. He has been incorrigible and reckless, but his family still ignored him. Now that Ashley has graduated from college, his family expects him to fall in line and take a job on their company’s board. After his aunt dies, he feels sadder than ever. She was the only one who loved him. His aunt gave him an unusual gift in her will, a trip to a ranch. Ashley isn’t sure he wants to go there, but to honor her wishes, he does, thinking that he may find answers to his dilemma in the unique atmosphere.


Years ago, Quint thought he had it all; a good teaching job in a lovely town and a boyfriend he adored. But, because of a lie, his boyfriend and everyone else turned against him. Things got so bad that Quint left everything behind and headed off with no plan in particular. Fortunately, he found a place for himself at Farthingdale Ranch. The people there are warm and accepting, but Quint is polite yet remains aloof, except for two young men who need him. Try as he may, he could not resist taking them under his wing and into his heart.


Quint has tried to convince Leeland, his boss, that a trail ride would add a unique experience to their guest services. After much deliberation, Leland agrees to let him try it. Excited about the opportunity, Quint surveys his first group of guests. Everyone is there except for one, Ashley. Ashley roars onto the ranch in his convertible, kicking up dust everywhere. Right away, Quint sees that the arrogant, inconsiderate young man will be trouble. At the same time, Quint will do his best to teach Ashley discipline and responsibility no matter what that entails.


I have mixed feelings about ‘The Trail Boss and the Brat.’ As always, visiting Farthingdale Ranch was a treat. It was good to “see” everyone and know that they are doing well. It was gratifying to discover that Quint could love again and that Ashley found somewhere he felt comfortable, yet, I didn’t feel the connection with Quint and Ashley that I did with some of the other couples. I have enjoyed the series and will miss the folks at Farthingdale Ranch. Thanks, Jackie, for all those exciting tales and characters.




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Format ebook
Length Novel, 309 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 22-March-2022
Price $4.99 ebook
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