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The Snow Prince (An MM Fairytale Romance) by Raleigh Ruebins

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Fantasy / Fairy Tales / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 16-November-2020

Book Blurb

He was Prince Sebastian Ambrose, heir to the throne of Frostmonte Kingdom.
But I knew him as my best friend… and hopeless crush.

My life was like a fairy tale. I grew up in the quaint little village of Berrydale, one of the five towns ruled by Frostmonte Kingdom. I had no money. Almost no family. But Prince Sebastian was still my best friend.

Then the queen caught us kissing in the Christmas tree lot.

One night changed our lives forever. I was shipped off to the mountains, and Sebastian was finally swept away to Frostmonte Castle. Now eleven years later, I’m back in Berrydale, and I sure as hell don’t want to be. Everything has changed. Sebastian has become an icy, reclusive prince, set to marry a princess.

But then he’s in front of me. And I can see something broken in his eyes. Everything in me wants to fix it. Knows I can fix it. The feelings I’ve buried deep inside come rushing back all at once… forbidden feelings included.

...And then I end up in his bed. His stupid, giant, four-poster, royal bed.

I swear the Sebastian I once knew is still in there, under the frost-cold exterior. We can never be together, or he risks losing the throne. But there’s no chance I can stay away.


Book Review

Retold fairy tales are some of my favorite stories, especially for those where I loved the original story. I have to admit that ‘The Snow Queen’, upon which this tale is based, was never one of my favorites. So I was really curious to find out what Raleigh Ruebins would do to “bring it up to date”, so to speak. What I found was that ‘The Snow Prince’ is much more than a retelling of the original – the author has taken the key elements, rearranged them, and built a story that has many similarities, yet with a charm all its own. I have to say that I easily liked this version a lot better!


Sebastian may be a prince, but he prefers spending time in one of the villages. Partly because the castle up on the hill is icy and intimidates him almost as much as his ice-cold mother, the snow queen, and partly because his best friend, Henry, lives in that village. Life is normal when Sebastian is with Henry, and by the time they are both fifteen, Sebastian realizes he loves Henry. But just when they share their first kiss, the evil snow queen rips them apart, Henry is sent to boarding school far away, and Sebastian is left to his fate of becoming the prince his mother wants him to be.


Henry may live in relative poverty, but he is a happy boy, especially when he is with Sebastian. Henry has come out as gay and the world did not stop, yet he has never dared imagine that Sebastian would return his feelings. But it was not meant to be, or so it seems, because Henry is sent away and spends the next eleven years trying to forget Sebastian. He tries isolation and staying away, but when his mother dies, he has to return to the village to deal with selling her cottage – and running into Sebastian is inevitable.


The reunion is not an easy one. Henry is angry for having been sent away, and Sebastian is trapped in the idea that he has to be a prince, has to marry to produce heirs, and can never have what he truly wants. But they have one thing in common: they love each other and are better together than they are apart. How they find their happy ending is far from clear, and Raleigh Ruebins tells their story in a mix of modern-day elements like contact with other small (fictional) kingdoms in Europe, and the worry of a revolution, as well as fairy tale elements (some of which emerge only in the final quarter of the book) like a monarch desperately clinging to power.


If you like modern-day versions of well-known fairy tales, if you enjoy a touch of tension and suspense with your romance, and if you’re up for an emotional roller coaster as two men try to redefine their lives, then you will probably like this novel. I certainly enjoyed it!





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 231 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 06-November-2020
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