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The Seven Days of Christmas by Edward Kendrick at JMS Books

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 12-December-2019

Book Blurb

Trey hates Christmas with a passion. Despite the fact he needs to deal with it because he owns a costume shop, it is an anathema to him because he broke up with his lover on Christmas Day three years ago.

Marty is a bartender at the local bar Trey goes to sometimes to unwind after a hectic day. He's more than a bit interested in Trey, but doesn't know how to let him know, especially since he'd never told Trey he's gay, too.

When Trey tells Marty he's suddenly shorthanded, with a week to go until Christmas, Marty jumps on the chance to get to know him better by volunteering to assist at the shop.

Can Marty help Trey overcome his Christmas phobia? More to the point, can Trey accept that Marty is interested in him not only as a friend, but on a more personal level?

Book Review

Traditionally there are twelve days of Christmas, so I was curious to see what Edward Kendrick would come up with that “requires” only seven days of Christmas. One main character, Trey, is the owner of a costume shop and he hates Christmas due to a breakup three years earlier. The other is a bartender named Marty who is more than interested in Trey. Thus the scene was set for an interesting read and with only a week to go before Christmas (hence the seven days), it turns out that Marty has his hands full if he wants Trey to open up to him.

Trey is not a social guy to start with, but ever since his idiot ex behaved abominably and they broke up on Christmas Day, Trey’s feelings toward the holiday have soured. He has also shied away from any kind of relationship, so he’s pretty lonely. Not that he will admit that! His job as a shop owner and costume maker keeps him busy, but his social life is almost nonexistent.

Marty is a very social guy who is good with people. That helps in his job, but it’s also good for helping out in Trey’s shop when one of the employees has to rush off due to a family emergency. Marty does his best to get closer to Trey, but it is slow going. It’s a good thing that Marty has the patience of two men and a very sneaky, very sweet surprise for Trey on Christmas Day!

If you like Christmas stories with lots of charm, if men moving toward a relationship at a slow, careful pace are your thing, and if you’re looking for a lonely man getting his happy ending in a most unexpected way, then you might like this novella.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 17079 words
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Publication Date 04-December-2019
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