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The Librarian's Ghost (Dreamspun Beyond, The Supers 2) by Sean Michael at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Ghosts/Spirits/Hauntings / Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 03-October-2018

Book Blurb

Can love survive the perils of MacGregor House?


The Supernatural Explorers are back and looking for their next big paranormal case. They might’ve found it in a plea from Payne, a mild-mannered librarian who has inherited the family mansion—MacGregor House. Since moving in a few months ago, Payne’s exhausted the list of ghost hunters and experts in his quest for help. The Supers are his last chance.


So why does normally good-natured cameraman Will take an instant dislike to Payne? For that matter, why has he felt irritable and angry since they arrived at the site? It soon becomes clear that the answers they seek will be found in the basement—where nobody has gone since Payne was a little boy. As the haunting grows deadlier, things get sweeter between Will and Payne, but all hell’s about to break loose when they breach the basement door.


Will they be ready?


Book Review

A librarian who inherited and lovingly restored an old house that has been in his family for several generations, the five gay ghost hunters who were introduced in the first book of the series, and some super-strange, potentially dangerous ghosts make for very suspenseful and somewhat creepy reading. The supernatural events are definitely unusual, so much so, that the professional group of Supernatural Explorers is stumped for quite a while. Some things seem obvious, and there were no huge shockers hiding in the plot, but the solution is not quite as straightforward as it might seem. Nicely done twist there at the end!

Payne is a great guy: a little shy, plagued by ghosts who are beginning to get the better of him, and hesitant about letting anyone in on his “weirdness”. Despite the ghosts’ best attempts, Payne is determined not to give up, but he knows he needs help. Others have not been able to get rid of the quite aggressive spirits, so he turns to the Supers, hoping that, at least, they won’t despise him for being gay himself.

Will is the group’s cameraman and normally quite easygoing. He has barely entered Payne’s house, when he turns into a real a**hole, much to the surprise of his teammates and quite shocking for Payne. There is a solution to this problem, but it takes Will a while to figure it out. As in quite a few horror movies, all hints seem to lead to the basement… except what they find is so much worse than anyone suspected.

Payne and Will have quite a few obstacles to overcome, but once they do? Hotness lies ahead! Payne is hesitant to disclose his past, but Will is curious and determined to find out more. The interest goes both ways and while Payne has to shoulder most of the burden of banning the ghosts, Will is by his side and turns into a great supporter. Different from the first volume, ‘The Librarian’s Ghost’ has much more active, evil, aggressive entities who make the Supers’ job very difficult.

If you like slow-build romances that explode into passion once the characters get going, if you want to watch two men deal with some very disturbing paranormal phenomena, and if you’re looking for a read that is suspenseful, mysterious, and somewhat surprising, then you will probably like this novel.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 210 pages/52929 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 02-October-2018
Price $4.99 ebook, $9.99 paperback, $9.99 bundle
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