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The Libertine by William Holden at JMS Books

Genre Gay / Historical / Warriors/Soldiers / Pirates / Erotic Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 19-March-2017

Book Blurb

Adam, an assassin for the Dutch Army, has specific instructions to infiltrate the pirate ship The Libertine at any cost and ensure the pirates will be defenseless when the army attacks.

Using his body and his seductive charm, Adam captures the attention of Captain Blair. With the battle of Willemstad days away, and The Libertine's weapon expert suddenly murdered, Adam is placed aboard the ship to assure their arsenal can outlast the Dutch Army.

As the battle draws closer, the Quartermaster Gregor, who has an agenda of his own, befriends Adam. Their friendship quickly develops into something more. Playing a three-way game of fire, Adam has only a few hours to decide what to do. Assassinate the Captain and Gregor and return to the army a hero? Or betray the army for the love of Gregor, a man he doesn’t know and isn’t sure he can trust?

Book Review

Although Adam, from 'The Libertine' by William Holden, loves the thrill involved in the covert activities he is involved with as an agent for the Dutch Army, he rues the day that he takes the assignment to sabotage the defenses of the pirate ship The Libertine. Adam knows he has to succeed in his plan in order for his side to win, but dealing with the cruel Captain Gregor is more than he bargained for.

Adam's encounter with the captain is violent to begin with as he decides to take Adam back to his ship and only gets worse from there. The captain doesn't trust Adam but he desires him and has decided to use him to sate his physical needs. He informs the crew that he will be the one responsible for getting the ammunition ready for the impending battle with the Dutch. None of the crew trust him either but they accept Blair's orders because they have witnessed his cruelty and are all afraid of him. All except for the quartermaster, Gregor. As Adam boards the ship their eyes meet and something stirs between them. Gregor warns Adam to tread lightly where the captain is concerned; even though Adam doesn't know if he can trust Gregor, Adam senses Gregor's concern for him. It's not much to go on, especially trusting someone you don't know with your life, but Adam has good instincts and excels in split second decisions. As Adam goes about his mission he's hoping that he has at least one person who won't betray him.

A lot happens in this story for it being so short but it's not what I would consider a romance. Adam's background story comes fast and furious but I was still inclined to wish him well. Adam is a bit ruthless himself and definitely manipulative, but that's what it takes to be a spy, isn't it? If you like pirates, suspense, intrigue, and revenge, along with rough and brutal action, then you may like this story. Thanks, William, for the swashbuckling erotic tale.





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 41 pages/12965 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 25-February-2017
Price $2.99 ebook
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