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The Haunted Bedchamber (Read by Candlelight 4) by Gillian St. Kevern

Genre Gay / Historical / Paranormal / 16th Century / Ghosts/Spirits/Hauntings / Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Forgottenastronauts on 08-April-2020

Book Blurb

Wiremu’s not come halfway across the world to be stopped by a ghost.

Summoned from New Zealand by his tyrannical grandfather, Wiremu arrives at isolated Scarhill House to discover scheming relatives, hostile servants, and a secretary on the verge of a nervous collapse. Little wonder: the house is inhabited by a poltergeist with an apparent grudge against Wiremu’s family.

The poltergeist isn’t the only ghost in Scarhill House. Wiremu shares his bedroom with an invisible presence. As the ghost grows increasingly familiar, Wiremu enlists the reluctant secretary Patrick’s help to uncover the secrets of Scarhill House. Can Wiremu and Patrick lay these ghosts to rest? Or will they be haunted for the rest of their lives by Scarhill’s ghosts?

Book Review

This has been such an exciting and fun series to read! Victorian ghost stories with a bit of romance is my cup of tea.


In this story, Wiremu has been summoned by his grandfather to visit him in England from New Zealand. He has traveled across the world to basically audition for his grandfather’s inheritance. But, when he’s given the room in the estate that’s haunted, his motives change from deceit to intrigue as the story unravels.


I loved Pip from the first story and loved that he was involved in this one again. There were a lot of twists and turns, times when I thought I knew, but didn’t. Gillian St. Kevern does a great job of leading me into the story with masterful writing and engaging characters every time.


This is a great addition to the series and a wonderful tale of mystery and love.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novella, 146 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 01-June-2019
Price $3.99 ebook, $7.99 paperback
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