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The Dreamer They Forgot by M.D. Brady

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by nakin1978 on 18-May-2020

Book Blurb

Sam Scott's dreams have all come true. He owns a successful nightclub, has a boyfriend he loves and a great home they've created together.

Or so Sam thinks. When temptation starts to lure his boyfriend away from him, what lengths will Sam go to in order to hold onto his dreams? And what happens if the cost is just too high?

As Sam's relationship falls apart and his dreams begin to crumble, he has to venture out and restart his life with some surprising and risqué results.

At each step, Sam's attempts to rebuild his dreams are challenged by factors outside of his control and the unpredictable, inevitable nature of life.

Book Review

Oh my, this is one sad read. At first it is full of hopes and dreams only to have the actions of others intercept and kill those dreams without any fault of their own. This book is Sam’s point of view from everything that happened in ‘These Are the Dreams’. I would highly suggest reading ‘These Are the Dreams’ first because even though you can read this book and things will definitely make sense, you will have missed a bigger part of the story that leads up to this book. Just as in the first installment, Sam is the one who my heart truly broke for.


Sam is such a special character, but I felt that a lot about Sam and his feelings was missing before. So M.D. Brady rectified that by having a short story from Sam’s point of view as everything in the other book unfolded.


Sam believes that he was finally going to have all his dreams come true. He had Kristan, whom he is still in love with after all these years, they have their home together, and his club/cafe is a hit. What could possibly go wrong?


Well that is where events start to unfold that end up throwing Sam’s world into a tailspin. Yes, Sam spent a lot of time at the club making sure that everything is how he envisions it, but that is the only thing that he truly did wrong. Everything else that ends up happening to Sam is all because of decisions other people make that end up directly affecting Sam on so many levels. Sam is truly an innocent in everything, but it seems that others’ decisions end up causing Sam more hurt and heartache than he ever deserved.


This book is an inside look at how Sam sees everything unfold and the feelings he has where everything, including Kristan, is concerned. It is a story that starts out hopeful to end in heartbreak and realizations that come just a little too late.


Even though Kristan and Marcus have such a huge impact on everyone around them both good and bad, I still find myself hoping that these two men will get another story down the road to show what the future holds for both men and how everything that happen shapes and affects their futures. M.D. Brady did an excellent job on these books and I definitely look forward to more.




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Format ebook
Length Novella, 100 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 17-July-2018
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