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The Date (Love in O'Leary 0.5) by May Archer

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Military/Former Military / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 09-May-2019

Book Blurb

Caelan James should've known better than to let a dating app set him up on a blind date. Nothing in life was guaranteed-perfect, especially not guys... and most definitely not guys in the immediate vicinity of tiny O'Leary, New York. And then sexy Navy SEAL Ash Martin walked into Cal's bakery, and made him wonder if fate might have cooked up something sweet for him after all. Their connection was immediate, all-consuming, and definitely not vanilla... but could their perfect date last for more than just a night, or even a season?

First edition published under the title 'The Baker and the SEAL' in the Heart2Heart: Charity Anthology by SKLL Books, February 2018. This edition has been expanded.

Book Review

A little family bakery in a small town in upstate New York, a baker who loves his job (and is very good at it) but would rather not have to deal with customers, and a Navy SEAL with no intention to settle down are the key ingredients for this super cute story. Add an almost-disastrous misunderstanding about who is to marry whom, a dating app that will find your “perfect” partner, and a few delicious cakes, and this story had me smiling from ear to ear.

Caelan, who goes by Cal, is passionate about his bakery but too busy to find a date. Then Ash walks into his shop and Cal thinks he’s the missing groom of the very finickity bride he is having a cake discussion with. So why is he feeling all kinds of attracted to the man? As it turns out, Ash is nothing like what Cal expected and their connection deepens by the second. And even though their budding relationship is not without a few obstacles, it is very clear that they are made for each other – if they can overcome their differences and figure out how to work together.

If you like your romances sweet, if you think that a baker and a SEAL can find happiness together, and if you’re looking for a very entertaining read with lots of heat, great banter, and some very hot encounters between the sheets, then you will probably like this novella.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 77 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 05-February-2018
Price FREE
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