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The Captain and the Cavalry Trooper (Captivating Captains 1) by Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead at Pride Publishing

Genre Gay / Historical / 20th Century / Warriors/Soldiers / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 10-September-2018

Book Blurb

As the Great War tears Europe apart, two men from different worlds find sanctuary in each other’s arms.

Captain Robert Thorne is the fiercest officer in the regiment. Awaiting the command to go to the front, he has no time for simpering, comely lads. That’s until one summer day in 1917, when his dark, flashing eye falls upon the newest recruit at Chateau de Desgravier, a fresh-faced farmer’s boy with little experience of life and a wealth of poetry in his heart.


Trooper Jack Woodvine has a way with strong, difficult stallions, and whispers them to his gentle will. Yet even he has never tamed a creature like Captain Thorne.


With the shadow of the Great War and the scheming of enemies closer to home threatening their fleeting chance at happiness, can the captain and the cavalry trooper make it home safely? More importantly, will they see peacetime together?



Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of violence, some of which is homophobic, and a brief scene of sexual assault.


Book Review

“In the chaos of the world, you and I did find love...” ~ Avijeet Das

Like so many young men, Jack Woodvine, of 'The Captain and the Calvary Trooper' by Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead, is on his way to his first post of the Great War. Jack isn't sure what to expect. Since Jack has worked with horses all of his life and has a great rapport with them, he is stationed at Chateau de Desgravier, headquarters for the British cavalry to work for Captain Thorne.  When he meets the captain, he's so arrogant and demanding, Jack wonders if he’d be better off going to the front.

Jack may be wary of Captain Thorne, but he is thrilled to work with the captain’s spirited, beautiful horse, Apollo. Right away, Jack understands that Apollo is not only lovely, but smart and, like his “dad”, has a mind of his own. Apollo likes Jack right away and, most of the time, does what Jack asks. This impresses Captain Thorne. Apollo is normally slow to trust; that he likes Jack is a great testimonial. Jack is attracted to Thorne but expecting to ever have Thorne return his feelings is absurd. When he accidentally sees Thorne taking his nightly bath in the river, he almost stops breathing. Jack knows it is wrong but he can't tear his eyes away from the sight of Thorne's beautiful body. Unfortunately, Thorne sees him and calls Jack over. After he chastises Jack, they begin to talk about other, more personal things. To Jack's surprise, this incident brings them closer, but it does nothing to quell his ardor.

Right away, Captain Thorne likes Jack and is proud of how hard he works, especially compared to the other young men there who slack off whenever they can. Jack's rapport with Apollo amazes and pleases Thorne but he knows that's not the only thing. He's strongly attracted to Jack and soon they become lovers. Although they have to hide their love, it creates such feelings of comfort and passion, especially in a time when there is so much danger and death may come any day. Jack and Thorne make the most of their time together. Predictably, the world and the war close in on them again. The headquarters at the Chateau is shutting down and all the men are being disbursed but Jack isn't going to the front; Thorne has arranged to send him home. When he tells Jack the news, Jack balks, begging to stay, but Thorne has made up his mind. Sending Jack home is the only way Thorne can keep him safe and he's determined to do that, even when he has to lie to Jack and make it seem like he doesn’t love Jack and that it was all just a summer fling.

While this story fits the description of historical and romantic, it is also melodramatic, written like a fairy tale. The love between Thorne and Jack was amazing and I appreciated how they treated each other with dignity and respect. But I can't imagine men expressing their feelings in such flowery language. Having said that, I realize that there are other people who may swoon over Jack and Thorne's never-ending declarations just as they are written. If you enjoy romantic, historical tales in which the good guys are really good and the bad guys really bad, you may enjoy this book. Thanks, Catherine and Eleanor, for giving Jack and Thorne their happy ending.





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