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Surfing with a Seahorse (Beneath Aquatica's Waves 6) by Charlie Richards at eXtasy Books

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 27-August-2019

Book Blurb

Colton Martinez is a seahorse shifter and lives a comfortable life at World of Aquatica, a shifter owned and operated marine park. When a number of others find their Fate-given mates, he doesn’t give finding his own much thought—until he scents the most alluring aroma in a big, handsome human named Waylon Davison. Discovering his mate has a boyfriend doesn’t deter Colton. Instead, he lifts Waylon’s wallet and, with the help of friends, plans his strategy for wooing the man. After learning his human is disturbingly cowed by his boyfriend, Colton realizes Waylon has more to overcome than the shock of discovering that shifters exist. Even if Colton can convince Waylon to dump his jerk of a boyfriend, can he convince his human that entering a pairing with a man chosen by Fate isn’t a new prison?

Book Review

‘Beneath Aquatica’s Waves’ is a series I have greatly enjoyed as it brings something new to the world of paranormals and shifters. World of Aquatica is a large marine park run by the Roush brothers, both shifters, and the majority of the employees are also shifters. It’s an excellent way to hide their true natures and keep themselves safe at the same time. In a fresh twist this installment has a shifter’s mate already involved in a relationship, and I was looking forward to seeing how Colton was going to make it work with Waylon.

Colton is a seahorse shifter (adorable!) and he smells his mate in a giant of a man named Waylon. Unfortunately, Waylon’s boyfriend, Richard, is a controlling piece of sh*t so Colton has to work on getting to know Waylon through a series of “not-dates”. I admired Waylon’s integrity and honor as he doesn’t cheat no matter how much he is drawn to Colton. Richard, in a classic confrontation scene at Waylon’s work, gets Waylon fired from his job and Waylon, finally having enough, ends their relationship. Great, right? Wrong. Waylon doesn’t need another controlling boyfriend and what is he to think about Colton after the man has made his interest (and his stalking) so plain?

This was a great addition to the series and I really liked the way the story unfolded. There was some very predictable drama but Waylon is adorable, his friends are fantastic, and of course Colton, plus the Aquatica crew, is wonderful. I’m still holding out for Kaiser’s story and I hope it comes soon.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 79 pages/21444 words
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Publication Date 02-August-2019
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