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Static by L.A. Witt

Genre Gay / Trans* / Genderfluid / Science Fiction / Future Earth / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 07-January-2021

Book Blurb

After two years together, Alex has been dreading the inevitable moment when Damon learns the truth: that Alex is a shifter, part of a small percentage of the population able to switch genders at will. Thanks to a forced implant, though, Alex is suddenly static—unable to shift—and male. Overnight, he’s out to a world that neither understands nor tolerates shifters . . . and to his heterosexual boyfriend.

Damon is stunned to discover his girlfriend is a shifter, and scared to death of the dangers the implant poses to Alex’s health. He refuses to abandon Alex, but what about their relationship? Damon is straight, and with the implant both costly and dangerous to remove, Alex is stuck as a man.

Stripped of half his identity and facing serious physical and social ramifications, Alex needs Damon more than ever, but he doesn’t see how they can get through this.

Especially if he’s static forever.



Note: This book was written several years ago, and since that time, the author's understanding of gender identity has evolved. Were Static to be written today, it would include (for example) non-binary identities rather than a male/female binary.


First edition published by Amber Allure, June 2011.

Second edition published by Riptide Publishing, January 2014.

Book Review

"Damon, I'm a shifter."
My heart stopped. "What?"
He swallowed, "I'm a shifter. This" - he gestured at himself with the hand that wasn't shielding his eyes - "is my male form."

I was completely riveted when I read the description for 'Static' by L.A. Witt. I am a huge fan of paranormal, particularly shifters, and I love a good science-fiction, also, so this seemed to be a book designed for me. I am very familiar with this author's work and I knew it would be an adventure to read. I had no idea how right I was until I finished and was completely blown away.

Damon and his girlfriend, Alex, have been together for two years. Damon has wondered why Alex wouldn't marry him, why whenever she went to visit her parents she always came back horribly depressed and just wanting to get drunk and forget for awhile. Unbeknownst to Damon, Alex's biological father was a shifter who committed suicide because his ex-wife denied him access to his children and his depression spiraled downward. Those four words, "Damon, I'm a shifter", give him the answer to many questions. He's dumbfounded when he gets to Alex's house, only to discover that in the past forty-eight hours, Alex was forcibly implanted with a chip to prevent her from switching between genders. Since Alex always goes to his parents house in his male form because they freak out otherwise, as Alex was born a boy, now Alex is stuck as a static male. Alex's parents drugged him and forced the chip on him as they've always considered him, and all other shifters, gays and transgendered, to be an abomination. It's even more horrible when Alex discovers the procedure was done by his parent's preacher with a black market chip that is very risky to remove, might be a time bomb causing possible paralysis, nerve damage and even death. Oh yeah, and there's the additional risk that it could be highly carcinogenic.

"So, to recap.....Leaving it in could kill me, taking it out could kill me, and living with it for the rest of my life will make me wish I was dead. How the fuck was your day?"

This book was about so much more than paranormal, shifters, and science fiction. The heart of the entire book was about gender equality and loving the person not the gender. I was completely and totally enthralled and blown away by the story, the writing, and the characters. I couldn't begin to understand how Alex felt, but it didn't mean it didn't break my heart for him. I've only ever had a female brain. The thought of having both, but being static in one form, desperately trying to get out and into another form, brought tears to my eyes. The idea of looking in the mirror and hating what I saw because I was at work, stuck in my female form, but my brain was 100 percent male, was agonizing torment. Having the majority of society think you're wrong and why can't you just pick a form and stay in it, devastated me and made me think. Damon had such honest reactions and feelings to the upheaval learning Alex was a shifter did to their relationship. I had a lot of respect for him because I think most people would have simply walked away. Instead, Damon, tried to be as honest as possible with what he was thinking and feeling, and most importantly he recognized that he still loved Alex and that gender shouldn't be an issue. It didn't mean he didn't struggle with it, because he did, but the fact that he recognized the love, regardless of gender, I considered a miracle.

This was a fantastic book and far exceeded my expectations. I am so glad that I read it and I can highly recommend it. Thank you, L.A., for this amazing story and helping me look at our world with clearer eyes.



Note: The author added a note at the end of this latest edition's description that talked about how, had this book been written today, the author would have included nonbinary identities instead of just male/female. I would simply like to say that this book was one that started me on the path of learning about gender identities and understanding their roles in our world. For this I'd very much like to thank L.A. Witt for my own gender evolution.  




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Format ebook, print and audio
Length Novel, 258 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 07-January-2021
Price $3.99 ebook, $13.99 paperback, $17.46 audiobook
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