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Soul Magic (The Triad of Magic 3) by Macy Blake

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Vampires / Magic / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 28-November-2019

Book Blurb

Cormac hasn’t been the same since the night the High Moon Pack was attacked. With his magic weakened, he’s consumed by a bloodlust he hasn’t felt since he first became a vampire. His need to replenish his power makes him a danger to his last remaining family member, and his hunger makes him careless. Feeding from pack beta Liam Benson was supposed to slake his appetite, not leave him craving more.

Liam is drawn to Cormac in ways he can’t explain and as the fight to protect the pack he loves reaches a critical point, his connection to Cormac deepens in a way neither wolf nor vampire anticipated. Will Cormac’s role in the final showdown against the dark forces threatening the pack sever the bond Liam and Cormac have started to weave?

Simon, Gray, and Cormac must fight a being history says shouldn’t exist—one with all three types of magic. The pack must use all their resources to combat the mysterious triad, even turning to the mysterious Conclave of Mages for help. As they learn more about this terrifying dark threat, protecting the pack proves to be riddled with challenges and sacrifices. While Gray attempts to hold his traumatized pack together, Cormac struggles to reconcile his past failures with his current desires, and Simon must attempt the impossible: an alliance between mind, body, and soul.

First edition published under author's pseudonym, Poppy Dennison, by Dreamspinner Press, May 2013.

Book Review

Oh, I was so eager to get my hands on this final story in 'The Triad of Magic' series by Macy Blake. I am, literally, trembling at the beginning of what I know is going to be an incredible finale to a series that I have so enjoyed.

I'm not even ten percent in and there is a lot of excitement and drama happening. Cormac is Simon's great-great-however-many-greats grandfather and he's not doing very well after fighting the triad at the end of 'Body Magic'. Cormac is a vampire and a Mage but something that night, during the fight, has terrified him and he doesn't know if he can believe what he saw. The worst part is that if it's true he'll need to be honest with Gray and Simon and suffer the consequences of holding the secret. Liam is the pack's beta and he fought the triad alongside Cormac and was severely injured. Liam knows that Cormac isn't telling the truth and he's determined to get to the bottom of it. All of this is going on while Cormac and Liam are fighting an attraction, the triad is threatening the pack, and Simon is struggling to understand what is going on with his magic and why it seems similar to the triad's.

This book was so exciting! I couldn't put it down because every time I turned around, something new and thrilling was jumping off the page at me! The final magical fight is so exhilarating. This book and, in fact, the series is much more than I thought it would be. The underlying message is family and love but with family really being the true focus. In each of these stories the couples were intent on sending the message that "together we can do this". The love stories ran parallel with the mystery of the triad magic and why the three types of magic had split apart so long ago but the love stories did not detract from the message of unity, family, and pack.

I loved this book and the series. I highly recommend it to any reader who enjoys the paranormal, shifters, and magic. The writing is fantastic, the characters are vibrant, and the story is incredible.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 248 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 26-November-2019
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