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Sometimes There's Stars by Suki Fleet at Stars and Ink Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 11-September-2020

Book Blurb

One lost soul graffiti artist. The sweetest boy ever. Will they save each other or go down in flames?

Echo is a brilliant artist but he’s not a good bet. He’s running from a suspended sentence and trying to pay off a debt that’s about to cripple him, literally. When he gets involved with a drug gang, his life goes from bad to worse. Until he meets Peri.

Peri is like sunshine. He’s innocence and good things—he’s home. Spending time with Peri is saving Echo’s life in so many ways. Peri teaches him sign language, teaches him the important things in life don’t always need words to express them. And more than that, Peri shows him how even the most broken heart can heal.

But Echo is trouble and he wants to save Peri from getting hurt. If only falling in love wasn’t so bloody impossible to stop.


Book Review

“...You've got me seeing stars, ... Shining just like diamonds do...Your love is such a dream come true...And you're the missing puzzle piece that I've been trying to dreams are reality now, and you're the one I've been dreaming about…” ~ Borns (Seeing Stars)


If there were a prize for making bad choices in life, Echo, of ‘Sometimes there’s Stars’ by Suki Fleet, would definitely be a contender. When Echo lost his mother, his whole world fell apart. He tried to run away from the heartache by going to London, but, unfortunately, he was caught tagging a building and received a suspended sentence. Instead of following through with his probation, Echo goes back to the place he is from, trying to recapture some of the memories he and his mom made there. Among others, this is a monumentally bad idea. Except, there’s one bright spot in his life who he knows he should stay far away from. It’s a beautiful (inside and out) young man named Peri.


Echo has nothing: no home, no job, no prospects. Worse yet, he’s running away from a man in London to whom he owes money. When One-eyed Frank, a local loan shark/drug dealer/mob boss, offers to pay off his debt, Echo reluctantly agrees. From that time on, he has to do whatever Frank wants him to do. During one “errand”, Echo witnesses a young man on a bicycle get clipped by a hit-and-run driver and he forgets all about what he was supposed to do in order to help him. When their eyes meet, he knows he is in trouble. He knows he should stay and finish the “deal”, but he can’t leave the guy bleeding on the street! Echo takes Peri to the hospital. When Echo leaves, he is attacked by the men who were coming for the drugs he had for them. They don’t kill him, but it’s a close thing. From then on, Echo has made an enemy who is determined to see him dead.


A few days after his beating, Echo is on another errand for Frank. While he is waiting, he receives a message from Peri asking if he will come to Orchard House, the shelter for the disabled. Echo knows that it’s not a good idea to see Peri again, even though the idea gives him butterflies in his stomach with the anticipation of it. Echo has never met anyone like Peri. He is aware of Peri’s mental limitations, although he doesn’t yet know their extent, but he is the sweetest, kindest, most loving person Echo has ever known. Echo tries to tell his heart to be silent, that getting close to anyone, much less someone as pure as Peri is a huge mistake, but still, he can’t help himself. He goes to Orchard House to meet the one person, who, more than anyone else he has ever known, makes him, at least for one moment in time, feel like he is worth something.


This story just slayed me. The stark brutality of Echo’s life made me cry. I felt like I was trapped, right along with him, in horrible circumstances from even worse decisions, not seeing a way out of it, but not wanting to give up either. Echo had a strength and determination that I admired. His patience and appreciation of Peri took my breath away. Peri, was... well... Peri. Even with his issues, he was brilliant, resourceful, and capable of so much more than some people thought he was. He was pure love and joy; he helped Echo realize his true worth. Thanks, Suki, for the brilliant story of redemption and the power of love.




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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 294 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 14-August-2020
Price $4.99 ebook, $13.99 paperback
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