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Some Like It Scot by Julia Talbot at TurtleHat Creatives

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 13-September-2018

Book Blurb

Riley might be Scottish, but he only wears his kilt on special occasions since he moved to Texas, a fact his friend Jeremy bemoans often, at least in private. Jeremy also wishes he knew how to move their friendship to the next level, but he’s never gotten up the nerve. It takes a disastrous rugby game, some good old Texas grub and some creative kilt use on Riley’s part to make things happen, but can the boys make their relationship last?



First edition published by Torquere Press, July 2015.


Book Review

This is a romance with a few obstacles. It is the tale of one Scot and his adoring fan, both of whom are secretly interested in the other but have not found the courage or the opportunity to test if their interest is mutual. Once they do open up to each other, things begin to happen, not all of them good. Still—both men are determined to keep going, and it made for an entertaining, sometimes funny, and definitely adorably geeky little story.

Riley is a Scot who lives in Texas, and has an intense dislike for all the “imitation Scottishness” he sees there. Since he is the “real thing”, so to speak, it is hard for him to take “all the fake” seriously. Jeremy is a native Texan with a mother who is a fan of all things Scottish – and he just happens to be a big fan of kilts – and his colleague Riley. Between the two of them they need to get over a few things – beginning with needing to confirm they are both gay and interested in each other, to understanding that Riley’s invitation to a rugby game was serious, and to dealing with the fallout from that experience once Jeremy takes him up on it.

If you like stories about Scotsmen in and out of kilts, if two men trying to decipher each other’s signals sounds amusing, and if you’re looking for a read with hot men, hotter snogging, and a definitely happy ending, then you will probably like this adorable short story.





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 22 pgaes/5200 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 11-June-2017
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