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Short Stack by Lily Morton

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Barb on 21-October-2020

Book Blurb

What happens after the happy ending?

Drawn together for the first time, this is a collection of Lily’s short stories about the much-loved men from her Mixed Messages and Finding Home series. Follow them through awkward marriage proposals, birthdays, a fraught babysitting job, and a very drunken Eurovision Song Contest party.

It includes stories previously written for her website and readers’ group, along with deleted scenes and four brand new and exclusive short stories - Bad Valentine, Marrying Jude, Babysitting Billy, and House Hunting.


Book Review

‘Short Stack’ may be short on title but it’s long on reading pleasure—especially to those of us who clearly remember and still want to visit our favorite couples from both the ‘Mixed Messages’ and the ‘Finding Home’ series.


Here’s what’s important to know: There are nineteen stories, some short, some long. We get Lily Morton’s writing skill, sense of humor, and clean editing. And, most important, we get poignant moments—some tear-filled, some with laughter—from our favorite couples.


I considered giving a brief synopsis of each story until I got into the book and realized I was zooming through this “short stack” as fast as I would a stack of pancakes. I decided not to take the time to summarize each story, because they were all good and unique and, as my Brit friends would say, brilliant. But there were a few that I loved best:


‘Bad Valentine’ features Gabe and Dylan and takes place after Gabe breaks Dylan’s heart on Valentine’s Day by showing up late. If you’ve read the book, you recall who was with him. I don’t want to give a spoiler to those who haven’t read this outstanding series. But in this vignette we learn that Gabe went to visit his best friend, Henry, who helps him see how much he loves Dylan and how hard he is now going to have to work on himself before he’s worthy enough to win Dylan back. Of everything I may have thought Gabe did that night, it wasn’t this, and yet this is the perfect scenario and fits so well with what ultimately happened by the end of their book, ‘Rule Breaker’.


My second favorite was equally difficult to pick, but I chose ‘Jude’s Christmas’ due to the humor infused throughout nearly every page. This is the first Christmas after he and Asa became a couple and before the ‘Deal Maker’ epilogue. In this story, Jude attempts to hide Billy’s Father Christmas stocking, and Billy, typical of a young child, stays awake, nearly always catching Jude in the act. Jude’s commentary is hilarious, as usual, but the funniest moment of the story—and of the whole book—occurs when Billy bursts in on Jude and Asa on Christmas morning when Jude is under the duvet having fun with Asa in their bed. Billy can’t understand why Jude would be under the duvet, and Asa quickly shouts out that he’s looking for the remote. There’s much more to the scene and the joke, but honestly, this was a laugh-out-loud moment—or shout-out-loud is more like it—and should come with a warning that spontaneous laughter may occur at any time.


Another one of the funniest stories was ‘Babysitting Billy’ in which Gabe and Dylan babysit Billy for a while. And one of the sweetest was ‘Merry Ozzy Christmas’ in which Oz and Silas spend Christmas helping a colt be born in a barn. All the shorts in this stack are well-written, character-driven, and have some level of humor because that’s what we get when we read Lily Morton.


I highly recommend this book to those who have read the series. Each story beautifully complements the original book and each is infused with the essence of the couple it features. And to those who haven’t read the original series, please consider reading them now. They are all outstanding. 





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Format ebook and print
Length Anthology, 330 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 02-October-2020
Price $0.99 ebook, $4.99 paperback
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