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Shaving (Sealed with a Kink 4) by Sean Michael

Genre Gay / Contemporary / BDSM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 12-September-2019

Book Blurb

Cord is into shaving, finding it an intimate act, especially how a sub really needs to trust him to let him near his face and neck with a very sharp straight razor. Some years ago, Cord’s sub, Liam, left him, not willing to even try a full-body shave. Ever since, Cord’s been spending his Friday nights at the club, shaving subs for their Masters. It isn’t the same as having a boy of his own, but at least he gets to work his magic with the straight razor.

One evening, Liam unexpectedly sends Cord a drink, and Cord finds himself drawn to the back booth where his former sub is sitting. Cord never stopped caring for Liam, and now there’s something different about Liam, something intriguing.

Could this be a new beginning for Cord and Liam?



First edition published by Resplendence Publishing, November 2013.


Book Review

Shaving, when used in BDSM play, is one of the kinks I find more difficult to understand. I can see the appeal of the intimacy during the act itself, and the trust needed for a guy to let another man close to him with a sharp razor. I get the idea of shaved skin feeling very different from hairy bits, especially in more intimate areas, but I have real trouble understanding how shaving someone's head or, much worse for me, the eyebrows, can be attractive! Yes, it will all grow back, but (like the sub in this story says) even babies have eyebrows, and the change in someone's face without this little bit of hair is huge. So yeah, I get why Liam, the sub in this story, ran the first time his Dom mentioned all-over shaving.  I am not at all sure it was just due to the secret he wanted to hide from Cord, said Dom. After all, how much can you really "hide" behind eyebrows?

Cord is definitely "addicted" to shaving. It is intimate, requires trust, and he just adores naked – to the point of hairless - skin. All over his boy's body. Too bad his boy ran three years ago when a full-body shave was mentioned. Problem is, Cord still loves Liam, and all the shaving he does for other masters, to teach them or as a service, isn’t satisfying to the same degree. So, when Liam finally returns, Cord is full of hope it will be different this time. Not that this makes him slow down, or maybe explore the reasons for Liam's running away. He plunges right back in, going for everything.

Liam has spent three years working on his problem, and is finally ready to go back to Cord. He misses him terribly, is still very much in love, and is ready to bare himself completely – quite literally. It is interesting that he actually was hiding a secret, and the thought of letting Cord as close, emotionally, as Liam imagined was needed for a full body shave, was too much. He is ready now and I was impressed how far he was wiling, and able, to go.

If you like men with somewhat unusual kinks, if you enjoy reading about the trust required between sub and Dom for certain activities that may look less "spectacular" than floggers and whips, but require at least if not more trust between them, and if you're looking for a hot read with a sweet ending, then you will probably like this short story.





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 51 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 03-June-2019
Price $2.99 ebook
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