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Runaway Heart (Tales of Amaranth 4) by Thom Lane

Genre Gay / Fantasy / Magic / BDSM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Alex on 06-November-2018

Book Blurb

On a drunken bet, Marc broke into Baron Thiviers’ mansion to steal something precious. Discovered and almost caught, he’s being hunted by the baron and his hounds when Finn, the runaway slave boy, saves his life. Marc claims possession of Finn, to redeem that foolish bet--what’s more precious than a beautiful boy? But his so-called friends reject him, and the baron comes after him relentlessly, so he takes the boy and flees again.

Yet it’s Finn the baron can track, by means of renegade magic, and in the end, Finn has no choice. He runs from the new young master he’s come to love and confronts the chasing baron, sacrificing himself to save Marc’s life. Except that Marc too is in love, and so comes after his errant boy, throwing his own life into danger yet again.

First edition published by Loose Id, March 2011.


Book Review

Book four of the captivating 'Tales of Amaranth' series provides a refreshing break from the bustle of village life illustrated in the previous books and takes place in the outer wilds of a wealthy baron’s lands. Having made a careless bet with his drinking buddies, young, reckless free man Marc is on the run with the baron’s savage hounds hot on his heels. Finn, a runaway slave, chances upon him and thinking him another runaway, leads Marc to safety only to discover he has saved a free man, a Master to a slave like him.

Marc soon observes that Finn is not only a runaway slave, but is the property of the very same baron he is on the run from. By rights Marc could offer the baron Finn in exchange for a pardon of his own crime, but something about Finn touches him deeply. Not only did the boy continue to provide him safe haven once discovering his free man status, but contrary to his pretty appearance, which marks him as a pleasure slave, Finn is smart. He has not been caught by the baron despite the relentless hounds, and has survived off the land for weeks. Ensconced in Finn’s hideaway cave, Marc soon falls under the spell of the slave’s beauty and intelligence and decides he will not turn the runaway over to the baron, rather, he will keep Finn as his own boy and they run from the baron together.

The two men’s flight from the baron’s lands are fraught with self-discovery and awakening feelings, as Finn learns to trust that his new Master is not a brutal and beastly Master like the baron, and Marc has to trust that Finn will not run away from him. More adventures and dangers await the pair when Marc foolishly attempts to prove he has won his bet to his rash friends and the baron engages a mage to locate his favorite slave.

I enjoyed this “young, idle man finds purpose through his love of another” episode of the 'Tales of Amaranth' series. Both characters were well-balanced and likable, each with personal demons that they conquered through their strength of will and love. Marc’s protective nature rising and giving him reason to let go of his frivolous and superficial ways and Finn, having experienced true freedom, being honest enough to admit he liked being a slave, with Marc as his Master. A very sensual tale, with heartfelt sacrifices being made by both men for the sake of their young love and an exquisitely drawn out getting to know you period played out on both land and sea.

Thank you, Thom Lane, for this lush tale of young love and the onset of maturity. “Lyrical, Romantic, Valiant”





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 121 pages/42000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 06-July-2018
Price $2.99 ebook
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