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Royal Boy (Care Inc. 1) by Hannah Morse at Evernight Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Royalty/Nobility / Romance / BDSM / Daddy/Age Play
Reviewed by Bob-O-Link on 09-May-2022

Book Blurb

Can an English Nobleman and a Texan find enough in common to build a life together?

Duke George Corbyn commands both wealth and power. An attack before he flies to the states leads him to getting an American bodyguard. George is nonplussed. A babysitter is a no, but a Daddy would be a yes, because what nobody knows is that under his posh exterior, he’s a little longing for a Daddy.

When drill sergeant Aaron Anderson needed a job, he was recruited into CARE, Inc.—a security company that gave him a new start as a bodyguard. Assigned to watch over George, Aaron is not only attracted to the man, but also very aware that Georgie needs a firm hand to guide him. And that hand probably needs to be on the brat’s behind.

When the attacker returns, they learn more is at stake than just their hearts.

Book Review

If we consider the inestimable variety of literary servings on the menu of gay comestibles, and contrary to the many purveyors’ intent, one’s appetite might readily become sated. Such a compendium of entrees seems unending, from light Victorian romance to vampire and changeling creations, from omega men with overly-fertile wombs (?) to alien creatures bearing somewhat uninspiring sexual equipment. The resulting products seem always to be seeking new markets. ‘Royal Boy’ is a “little” tale, in which at least one primary character is obsessively functioning in a youngster’s role, especially in sexual relationships with those hyper-adults who are likely to be characterized as his “daddy”. (Interestingly, the youngster is never prepubescent, or the genre quickly might slip from fun to filthy!) Continuing with my previous “menu” reference, ‘Royal Boy’ is no main course, but more akin to snacking on cotton candy at a fair. Fun, air-filled, of almost no purposeful calories. But the emphasis is on fun!


So, let’s consider this “little” story. This classification is not to denigrate its importance but rather to classify it in the Dominant/submissive attempt to please a specific substrata of readers on a particular measuring dick. Sorry, measuring stick!


Somewhat less unbelievable in today’s world, George is presented as an openly gay member of the British royal family – with the expected controversies attached. So, there was quite a turnover of bodyguards for him. Though public in his sexuality, he is private in his little-hood want for age play, exquisitely evidenced by his major secret – an attachment to his plushie toy, Spot.


On George’s scheduled tour of the United States, an American named Aaron is assigned to protect him. Aaron is from an agency focusing on high-profile gay men, and as others from the agency, Aaron is a little older, queer, and a Dominant.


We have a perfect contrast: Aaron who presents as gruff and unpolished, George who “…had a lower lip to die for. Its sweet, lush plumpness contrasted with his squared-off jaw and an absurd amount of golden curls.”


Abusing my initial trope - this repast will be simple but tasty. Aaron sees that George needs a hand! And George wants to forget about the world and curl up in Aaron’s lap. For those certain readers ‘Royal Boy’ will be quite delicious, more than passingly entertaining, and with sufficient honoring of the “little” sexual style.




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Format ebook
Length Novel, 158 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 11-January-2022
Price $3.99 ebook
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