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Rightfully His Omega (Lost Omegas 1) by Angelique Voisen at Evernight Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / MPreg / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 20-February-2018

Book Blurb

As a rare omega, Charlie has experienced and tasted hell’s finest. At twelve, Charlie watched his home burn down and his pack become extinct. He also lost his fated mate, Caleb. Ten years later, Caleb returns, intending to claim what he lost. 


Werewolves mate for life, and Caleb’s bond to Charlie is unbreakable, stronger than any marriage bond. Harder, scarred, and a reputed killer, Caleb is the kind of dominant werewolf who doesn’t understand the word no. But Caleb isn’t the only one who’s changed. Charlie’s all grown up now. If Caleb thinks Charlie’s going to bend before he breaks, then Caleb has another thing coming.

First Edition published by OmniLit/All Romance ebooks, 2016.

Second Edition published by Author, 2017.

Book Review

In this world, werewolves don’t just mate for life and have a predestined mate, there are also omegas (both male and female) who can propagate the species. The only other way to keep up numbers is to bite humans, but that option is rarely successful. So what do unscrupulous packs do to increase their numbers? They hunt down other packs’ omegas or, like in this story, they attack whole packs and kill everyone except the omegas. Liam (who later changes his name to Charlie) is one of those rare omegas, and when his pack is decimated when Liam is fourteen, he is taken to safety by his future mate, Caleb, who promises to “be back soon” only to promptly vanish for ten years.

Ten years later, Charlie has reinvented himself. The yearning for his mate has never gone away, but Charlie has learned to deal with it. He may secretly be a submissive wolf, but since nobody is there to keep him in line, he has gotten involved in all kinds of trouble and is now a stripper who likes his freedom. When Caleb turns up and expects some sort of happy reunion, Charlie is less than impressed. He does not trust easily after seeing his entire village murdered, and has a specific problem with Caleb breaking his promise and staying away for so long. The physical attraction may be there, but Charlie’s heart and mind are a different matter.

Caleb has his reasons for staying away, and one of them is that he was trying to keep Charlie safe. He was already in his midtwenties and angry about several things that happened to him when he left, and ten lonely years have not exactly softened him. He is rough, commanding, and has no clue how to approach Charlie other than demanding he fall in line. Even though I could see where Caleb came from, and he did make things right for Charlie, I did not like him. Lucky for Caleb, Charlie ends up with a different view.

If you like the rough and tumble alpha male who comes in expecting obedience, if two men who have been separated by fate and one guy’s decision to stay away are your thing, and if you like reunions even if they are not initially happy ones, then you might like this novella.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 18245 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 22-December-2017
Price $2.99 ebook
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