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Rescuing His Omega Husband (Possessive Dragon Husbands 2) by Marcy Jacks at Siren Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 18-November-2017

Book Blurb

Adrien Giltbert, omega coyote, hates dragons. They killed his parents, kidnapped him and his family, and tortured him. If he were stronger, he would get his revenge. But he’s not strong. He can only keep his head down and bear the brunt of the abuse for the sake of his sister. When all hope seems lost, rescue comes from an unlikely source. The dragons. 


Tristan Bragg, warrior dragon, badass and one of Arthur King’s men, will stop at nothing to retrieve his mate. He knew what Adrien was the moment he set eyes on the man, and the people who took him are going to suffer. A lot.


But his mate comes to him broken, afraid of dragons, and wanting nothing to do with their kind. Tristan can show his mate that not all dragons are bad. Some are even a good kind of bad, if only Adrien will open up and let Tristan protect him.


Book Review

It has been two months since Jake’s siblings, Adrien, Andrew, and Sarah, were taken, along with a lot of other omegas, by a ruthless pack of dragons. Tristan, Kay, and Lance, are the only dragons Arthur could spare after the attack on Jake, and it has taken them a while to find them. Tristan, and I suspect Lance as well, have ulterior motives other than just rescuing Jake’s family members and innocent omegas. However, in the first installment the author introduced a unique concept of how the dragons know who their fated mates are, and I’m hoping she has stuck to that portion of the worldbuilding.

I felt bad for all of the slaves but especially for Adrien and Andrew. In order to keep their sister safe they had been defiled and used by the other dragons, just confirming in Adrien’s mind how awful dragons are. But then Tristan is there, and the strange feelings Adrien has around him return, confusing Adrien even more. How is he supposed to handle being mated to a dragon after everything he and his family have suffered at their hands?

Adrien and Tristan’s mating is just as exciting as Arthur and Jake’s. Tristan, Kay, and Lance get all the omegas back safely, and everything seems as if it would work out well. Although, Lance is even a bigger jerk than normal in regards to his feelings about shifters, and neither Kay nor Tristan can figure out why he came along in the first place. Regardless, Tristan comes up with an ingenious plan to protect all the omegas, even the ones not from Jake’s pack, while keeping the pack from worrying about how to feed all the extra mouths.

I have to admit to being disappointed in the way the author handled the fated mates trope. I loved how it was introduced in the first book of the series, but now it appears the writing is shifting from that concept to the more stereotypical one where they know on sight. Oh well, I can’t have everything I suppose. If you enjoy dragon shifters, fated mates, steamy sex, and an action-packed rescue, then you might enjoy this novella.



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Format ebook
Length Novella, 25214 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 13-October-2017
Price $3.99 ebook
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