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Rescued: A Parker's Sanctuary Story (Guardsmen 1.5) by Cooper West

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 12-October-2020

Book Blurb

Marsha Dillard’s whole life is about dogs. Her husband knows that, her kids know that, her church knows that. As one of the higher ranking, long-term animal control officers for the city of Tallahassee in north Florida, she has seen her fair share of cats, pigs, chickens, horses, snakes, possums and racoons. The majority of her work, though, usually consists of dogs.

Loose dogs, sick dogs, abused dogs, lost dogs, feral dogs, dead dogs – she has seen it all. She has taken dying dogs out of fighting rings and she has revived should-be-dead dogs from heat stroke.

Nothing prepared her for rescuing a dog named Parker. 

This is a FREE prologue to the book Parker's Sanctuary, a gay romance/suspense novel set in the unique alternative universe of Guardsmen, bonded pairs of weredogs and their partners who live on the edges of society -- worshipped and feared in turn, sheltered as much as they are shunned, Guardsmen mates live, love, and die together. 

Book Review

I am so glad that the author decided to write this short detailing how Marsha, Greg's friend, and a high-ranking, long-term officer of Tallahassee's animal control, rescued Parker from Howell, the insane man who had kept him in a cage for two years. Granted, this was difficult to read, but I really thought having this insight made my appreciation of Greg and Parker's story so much more.

"He’s tired. He’s in pain and so weak he can barely stand, even just long enough to piss. He knows that he’s in real danger of being murdered. BadMan is getting worse, his beatings more vicious, but at this point Parker could not do what the man wants him to do even if he knew how. As real as the memories of being a man are to him, Parker cannot remember what it feels like to walk on two legs, or see colors he knows exists. With a whine, he sets his head down on his paws and waits for the mercy of death, however painful it might be in the coming."
(Broke my heart!)

Just a glimpse into what thousands of animal control officers deal with on a daily basis in America is enough to bring tears to my eyes. Those individuals are true heroes and Marsha, along with her team and the vet, showcase the finest of what human compassion and caring is all about. It broke my heart but also made me so happy to see Parker's rescue, and because I've already read 'Parker's Sanctuary', I know how much better life gets for Parker.





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 25 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 21-April-2017
Price FREE
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