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Rank & File (Anchor Point 4) by L.A. Witt at Riptide Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Military/Former Military / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 09-November-2017

Book Blurb

Senior Chief Will Curtis is as straitlaced as they come. While his fellow Sailors have partied their way through their enlistments, he’s had his eye on the prize—making master chief and retiring after thirty years of service.


Lieutenant Brent Jameson is a Navy brat turned Annapolis grad. He’s lived and breathed the military his whole life, and he knows he’s destined for great things—once he’s done paying his dues at the bottom of the ladder.


When their paths cross, both men know better than to give in to temptation, but that doesn’t stop them. It also doesn’t keep them from coming back for more, even though being discovered would sink their careers. Something has to give—Will can retire, Brent can resign, or they’ll both face court-martial.


But there’s also the option neither wants to acknowledge: jump ship and walk away from each other instead of ending their careers over a fledgling relationship. And they should probably decide before they fall in love.


Except—too late.


Book Review

Huge thanks to the author for writing Will’s story! I’m fairly certain I asked (or begged, but who’s counting) for his tale at the end of my review of Noah and Anthony’s book. Regardless, I had a feeling there was going to be a whole lot more to Senior Chief Will Curtis than just his ambition.

“Fuck. First man to defibrillate my libido since Vince left, and he was bad news. Career-damaging, promotion-killing, court-fucking-martial bad news. Career-ending, if I was brutally honest with myself. I hadn’t busted my tail for almost twenty years just to literally fuck it away.”

Well, well, well. An interesting venue for a first meet between Will and Brent. And, because I found it kind of funny, I’m not sharing. I don’t think any other couple has been as instantaneously smoking hot since the first book in the series with Sean and Paul. I mean that, honestly. From the moment Will and Brent hook up, for what should have been a one-and-done considering the ramifications if they got caught, I was drinking more than my usual amount of ice water here in the desert. “Wow” is about the most eloquent thing I can think to say.

I really felt for Brent because, much like Will, I suspected Brent wasn’t happy in the Navy. No matter how much he kept saying that he just needed to get the crappy years behind him, advance a few paygrades, and that everyone felt this way during these boring years, I kept thinking that even when got to the “magical” place in his career, he’d still be unhappy. But the Navy is all he knows. His grandfather and his father were career Navy officers, graduates of Annapolis, and his whole life (and I mean from the time he could understand) has been filled with the Navy. I suspected he just didn’t know how to think any other way.

Will and Brent’s love story was so heartbreaking in a ton of ways. Not being an GLBTQ+ member, only an ally, means I’ve never had to deal with someone being able to dictate whom I can love. Having also never been in the military, it’s mind-boggling to me that DADT ever even existed, but the rule about no fraternization between officers and enlisted just seems unbearably cruel. Watching the pain Will and Brent suffered because they fell in love, they were perfect for each other, but in order to be together, one or both of them would have to give up their career that they have each worked so hard for.

I can’t say the ending came as any surprise but I still enjoyed seeing it all play out. As much as I have enjoyed each of the previous books in this series, I think ‘Rank and File’ might very well be my favorite. I liked the real-life conflict and issues but it was these two men whom I fell for. There was something about Will and Brent, both individually and as a couple, that just burrowed under my skin. ‘Anchor Point’ is a series I can, and do, highly recommend.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 269 pages/71300 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 25-September-2017
Price $5.99 ebook, $17.99 paperback, $23.98 bundle
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