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Rack & Ruin (THIRDS 3) by Charlie Cochet

Genre Gay / Futuristic / Urban Fantasy / Agents/Spies / Officers of the Law / Shifters / Interspecies / Erotic Romance / Humor/Comedy / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 18-November-2019

Book Blurb

New York City’s streets are more dangerous than ever with the leaderless Order of Adrasteia and the Ikelos Coalition, a newly immerged Therian group, at war. Innocent civilians are caught in the crossfire and although the THIRDS round up more and more members of the Order in the hopes of keeping the volatile group from reorganizing, the members of the Coalition continue to escape and wreak havoc in the name of vigilante justice.

Worse yet, someone inside the THIRDS has been feeding the Coalition information. It’s up to Destructive Delta to draw out the mole and put an end to the war before anyone else gets hurt. But to get the job done, the team will have to work through the aftereffects of the Therian Youth Center bombing. A skirmish with Coalition members leads Agent Dexter J. Daley to a shocking discovery and suddenly it becomes clear that the random violence isn’t so random. There’s more going on than Dex and Sloane originally believed, and their fiery partnership is put to the test. As the case takes an explosive turn, Dex and Sloane are in danger of losing more than their relationship.

First edition published by Dreamspinner Press, November 2014.

Book Review

It's not enough that my Destructive Delta THIRDS team managed to stop the Order's insidious plan and killed Pearce at the end of 'Blood & Thunder'. Oh no, because now they have the Ikelos Coalition of Unregistered Therians who are fighting back against any remaining Order members and Humans, in general, thus causing even more war and fighting on the streets of New York City. This is what THIRDS was created for, to protect the innocent - both Humans and Therians. With both sides out to destroy each other, their lives just became even more difficult.

“You skipped puberty didn’t you?”
 Dex let out a wistful sigh. “It wasn’t for me.”
Sloane laughed as he carried Dex out of the room. “You’re hopeless.”
“I’m also nonrefundable.”
“Surely there’s a return policy.”

As you can see, Dex is still the charming, irreverent man-child that Sloane has always accused him of being. I adore him! Throughout these last two books, even with all of the drama, the action, the grief, and the stress, Dex has made me laugh. He's made the whole team laugh and quite a few people at THIRDS, except for Ash, but he's a giant grumpy Gus, and doesn't count. Anyway, Dex is exactly what they (and I) needed.

One of the many things that I've come to love about this series of books, is the way the author skillfully weaves the intrigue, the job, together with the personal issues and dramas going on within the team. I never lost track of who Destructive Delta was hunting and trying to apprehend, but I was also very aware of a problem going on between Calvin and Hobbs, and something between Ash and Cael. And, of course, Dex and Sloane can be a minefield waiting for the wrong step. It's an intricate plot that kept me on the edge of my seat, page after page.

Normally I would be very angry at the stunning cliffhanger the author left me on. However, since I'm reading this series so late to the party, I've already got book four that I'll be jumping into next. There was a ton of excitement in 'Rack & Ruin', but there were also some hardcore revelations from Ash. I'm angry with him and Cael right now because they're hurting each other needlessly. The Order has been taken down, but there are a few pesky Coalition members who are getting ready to feel Dex's wrath. Yep, you know it. I'm hurling myself straight into the next book.





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