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Perils of a Papillon (Fuzzy Love 3) by Tara Lain

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance / Humor/Comedy / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 23-July-2021

Book Blurb

Can pretending to be engaged get you murdered?

Toby Albertine needs a fake fiancé to get the teaching job of his dreams.

Sadly, he’s kind of a duh-weeb and he lives with his twin sister who everyone mistakes for his wife, so no dates

In desperation, Toby asks Ernest, the mysterious man of his dreams, to masquerade as his one and only for a single party. Ernest says yes, but Toby forgot. Things that seem too good to be true—are.

Toby and Ernest wind up sharing a king-sized bed at a resort that’s crawling with all of Toby’s school bigwigs. Can you spell couple’s massage? But one guy's trying to kill Ernest and another’s trying to save him. There’s no place for Toby but in the middle.

There’s a dog, of course, with gigantic ears and a bigger personality. And there’s even a cat named Cat, plus tons of romance, out-loud laughs and near-death experiences. Batshit does it again!


Book Review

“I'm on a tidal wave. Somethin' inside me's changed. I don't know what to do, but I'm through faking love for you...” ~ Tommee Profitt (Faking Love)


Toby Albertine, of ‘Perils of a Papillon’ by Tara Lain, is a nice guy. He’s dorky but is a smart and kind person. He and his sister take care of each other, supporting each other however they can. Toby has a job he loves as a part-time school teacher. There’s a full-time position available, but the school he works at wants their teachers to be married or at least engaged. It’s archaic thinking, but if Toby wants the job, he has to get around the rule. When he meets handsome Ernest as his vet, Toby hatches a plan to convince Ernest to be his fake fiancé.


Toby can hardly believe that Ernest agrees to his scheme. Their first “outing” is at a party given by the vice-principal and headmaster. Ernest is a big hit at the event, charming almost everyone. They leave the party convinced that their “performance” will give Toby the boost he needs. They enjoy being together more than expected. But, since Ernest is under police protection, it’s dangerous for him to be out in public. So they part, wishing things could be different. When the school administrators come up with another function, a retreat to a secluded lodge, Toby is distraught, but since he and Ernest have agreed not to see each other again, he hesitates to ask. Ernest can’t bear the thought of Toby losing the position because he can’t be there for him. So, he tells Toby that he will go.


Ernest is a witness in a high-profile criminal case. He is in protective custody until the trial. Agreeing to be someone’s pretend boyfriend is not on the menu but, seeing how much Toby wants and needs the job, he agrees to help. At first Bill, his “protector”, agrees with the arrangement, thinking that it will be good for Ernest to pretend to be average, therefore blending in. Still, later, when their relationship draws too much attention, Bill changes his mind and asks Ernest to end their relationship. When Toby needs his help after they’ve agreed not to see each other again, he is not willing to let him down. Ernest hatches a plan to evade Bill. Since they will be in a remote location with academics, he reasons that the risk is low. He sneaks out of the safe house and meets Toby at the vet’s office. During the retreat, Ernest and Toby’s fake relationship becomes very real. After one particularly passionate night, Toby leaves Ernest in bed while he goes to an early business breakfast. When he returns, Ernest is not there. Toby is heartbroken.


‘Perils of a Papillon’ is a suspenseful, engaging, romantic story. As much as I enjoyed watching

Ernest and Toby’s relationship unfold, I loved Bat’s antics more. As always, she stole the show. And, of course, she got the last word. Thanks, Tara, for a steamy story with a fantastic ending. I can hardly wait for another Papillon adventure.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 318 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 20-July-2021
Price $4.99 ebook, $12.99 paperback
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