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Pack Discipline: A Box Set by Kim Dare at Pride Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Erotic Romance / BDSM
Reviewed by nakin1978 on 30-July-2020

Book Blurb

1 - The Mark of an Alpha Dominance and submission mean different things to werewolves than to humans. Once Marsdon and Bennett try things the human way — nothing can ever be the same for them again.

2 - The Strength of a Gamma Gamma wolf Steffan may have been in love with his best friend for years, but he knows that's not enough. Francis deserves a more dominant mate, and Steffan intends to make sure he gets one.

3 - The Duty of a Beta Caught between duty and sweet temptation, what's a wolf to do?

4 - The Love of a Mate Alfred's always been the pack's trouble maker. He's given up hope of ever being anything else. But, could that change when he suddenly receives the love of a mate?

Werewolf packs have always thrived under a strict hierarchy. From alpha to omega, every wolf knows exactly what role his role in the pack is. For werewolves, everything is very simple, very disciplined.


But humans have developed a completely different way of displaying their dominance and submission. When a pack of werewolves begin to discover human kinks, everything becomes very complicated.


Can a newly formed pack find the perfect balance between the werewolf traditions they have always known and the human games they are only just discovering? And in all the confusion, is there room for love as well as discipline?



First edition of The Mark of an Alpha published by Total E-Bound, January 2010.

First edition of The Strength of a Gamma published by Total E-Bound, November 2010.

First edition of The Duty of a Beta published by Total E-Bound, March 2011.

First edition of The Love of a Mate published by Total E-Bound, June 2011.

Book Review

This box set is a combination of four books in one. Each book follows the previous one. I really enjoyed this. It is a shifter series but at the same time it is not the normal shifter read. There is mild BDSM but more along the lines of D/s. But it is not as cut and dry as you might believe. There is definitely a lot of push and pull. Being submissive and dominant does not always come easy. Nor does it follow a certain guideline of who is which. Sometimes accepting what one feels internally is harder to accept.


The Mark of an Alpha

The first story is Marsdon and Bennett’s. In this shifter world, a pack needs two strong alphas to be mated in order to have a strong pack. Mating is normally not a love match but rather what would be best for the new pack’s stability. 


Marsdon has never doubted anything about his alpha status. He knows he is strong and dominant. It has never been an issue for him. He has always enjoyed going to the human club finding someone submissive to play with. Recently though something has changed for him. The man he has been spending his time with at the leather club has been trying to mask that he is a shifter. Marsdon has kept his identity hidden as well. But regardless, Marsdon has been able to catch “husband wolf scent”. The only thing he has not been able to figure out is where in ranks his masked man falls. He is submissive in a way that calls to Marsdon. But sadly their time together is coming to an end because Marsdon is being mated to someone soon. 


On their last night together, Marsdon and the masked man decide to share something for only the two of them to be able to remember their time together, a brand that only the two will know the meaning behind it.


On the night of Marsdon mating to the new alpha that he is to be joined with, he gets the surprise of his life, his new mate is none other then the masked man from the club.


Bennett knows he has a duty to his new pack that has no place for his personal needs. A strong alpha cannot be submissive in any form. Or so he believes. So when his new mate is the man that he placed so much trust in, Bennett is thrown for a major tailspin. He knows that what happened before between the two of them can never happen again because it would be bad for not only theirs mating but for the pack as well.


Marsdon knows that Bennett is having issues with his submissive side in the bedroom. How is Marsdon going to show Bennett that his submission actually makes him stronger and a better alpha? If he cannot convince Bennett, what will become of their new mating?


The Strength of a Gamma

The second story is about Steffan and Francis, who have been best friends since they were young. Steffan is a gamma wolf who for a long time thought he would have to be the next beta for the pack and he was truly dreading it. Even though he is big and he is strong, he has never been one to show force. So when the alphas come to him and tell him they will be bringing in another beta to join the pack and keeping him as a gamma, Steffan could not have been happier. He was always taught to watch how he is around other wolves because of his size and strength, so he has always cautioned himself around others. He has just never had it in him to be mean to anyone.


Francis has always known that Steffan has a huge heart. Whenever Francis would have a nightmare or something scared him, Steffan would always comfort him. Francis lost his family at an early age and Steffan has been his family since. He is the one person that Francis cannot live without. He knew Steffan has been having issues with becoming the beta of the pack, so he is truly relieved that he did not have to and that another one was being brought in.


With the new members coming, Steffan has it in his head that the new beta needs to bond with Francis and become his mate. He believes that, even though he has been in love with Francis for as long as he can remember, Francis needs a strong individual in order for him to be happy.


When Francis realizes that Steffan is pushing him and Gunnar to mate and also that Steffan is in love with him, he realizes that he has feelings for Steffan that he never put a voice to. He knows he is going to have to handle Hong’s things differently with Steffan in order to make him realize the one for him is Steffan himself, not Gunnar.


Quickly Francis comes to the realization that he is going to have to take control because that is what Steffan needs, not someone who wants to kneel at his feet. With Steffan’s personality and the way he is, Francis knows he is going to have to be the one to show Steffan that letting someone else take he reins is what is best for him.


Will Steffan realize that Francis is the one for him? Will he realize that Francis does not need someone to take control for him but rather he needs Francis to take control for the both of them in order for them to find happiness?


This was a great read! I could not wait to jump into book three after this one!


The Duty of a Beta

Book three is about Gunnar and Talbot. Gunnar is the new beta that Marsdon and Bennett brought into their pack. Both alphas hope to mate Gunnar and a very bratty Alfred together. It is their hope that Gunnar will be able to control Alfred’s outbursts. 


Gunnar has always been one of those people who will do his duty and follow his alpha’s orders. But he is finding it hard to follow the path the alphas have laid out for him where Alfred is concerned. Since joining the pack, Gunnar has not been able to stop thinking about the pack’s omega, Talbot.


Talbot is immediately drawn to Gunnar from the moment him and his brother Caden join their pack. Even though he knows he should not be because Gunnar is meant to be mated to Alfred, Talbot finds himself falling for the beta.


Both Gunnar and Talbot try to fight the attraction between the two of them but sometimes love is stronger than duty. Even still both men are willing to whatever is necessary to protect the other and keep their alphas happy. They are both willing to forgo their own happiness to follow the path laid out before them but the attraction is just too strong.


What will happen to Gunnar and Talbot when the alphas find out about what is going on between them? Will duty to the pact win out over love or will love conquer all?


The Love of a Mate

Book four is Caden and Alfred’s book. Though I enjoyed the previous books, this was my favorite. It is not all joy and happiness. These two men have to literally fight for what they want - each other. But at the same time Alfred has to fight for his husband’s place in his pack and he has to also fight himself on his own personal issues.


The question is, can Alfred figure out who he is before he ruins what could be the best thing to ever happen to him, love? 



These four books were such great reads. I truly enjoyed each and every one of them. I will definitely be reading more by Kim Dare in the future.




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