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No One But You by Catherine Maiorisi at Bella Books

Genre Lesbian / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Kym Palmer on 11-May-2017

Book Blurb

Having been abandoned on her wedding day, bestselling novelist Lily Alexander is understandably cautious about dating again. Wealthy tech entrepreneur and notorious playgirl Robin DiLuca, on the other hand, loves to date. She just doesn’t do commitment.

When beautiful blond Lily and handsome butch Robin lock eyes across a crowded bar, the current flowing between this unlikely pair is more electrifying than anything either has felt before. Thus begins a long and sultry dance that will lead them to the altar and the promise of the perfect future.

But when the premature birth of their baby awakens horrendous secrets from Robin’s long-repressed past, she believes the only way to protect Lily and their daughter is to leave. Her decision devastates both women and all those who love them.

Can Robin’s unexpected encounter with a stranger on a beach be the catalyst for healing these two shattered hearts?

Book Review

This is Maorisi’s second romance book, and having very much enjoyed her first, I was looking forward to seeing what she did next.

Lily is a novelist, pretty successful, and has just completed a move to New York in order to get married. However, her girlfriend jilts her at the altar, and Lily is—naturally—reluctant to go jumping into a new relationship for a while. However, on a night out at a lesbian dance bar she meets Robin, who’s there celebrating the public sale of her tech company that has just landed her, and her business partners, a small fortune. Robin’s a player, but there’s something about Lily that she cannot get out of her mind. And so begins a good old-fashioned courtship—much to Robin’s own amazement, once Lily says she wants to take things slow, Robin does. No jumping straight into bed, no four-dates-and-you’re-out as has been her usual modus operandi for quite some time now.

They fall in love. Deeply in love, and there’s a wedding, then a pregnancy. It’s all going amazing, and they’re beyond happy. So far, so good. Until… suddenly there’s a problem with the pregnancy, and the baby is born very premature. While money isn’t a problem—the baby will get all the care she needs—Robin’s reaction to it all is a problem. Lily can only watch in despair as Robin pulls further and further away from her and the baby, until eventually, Robin leaves.

It’s a book in two halves, really. There’s the romance and courtship taking up most of the first half, and it’s a lovely romance at that. They both challenge each other in healthy ways, and both women develop into well-rounded, well-adjusted human beings.

The second half is where, for me, things got a little stretched in terms of realism and what I felt the characters would do in certain situations based on the growth they’d shown in the first half. It’s a long, slow road to discovering the truth about herself for Robin, and a strange time for Lily as she tries to deal with being a single parent while having to accept that she can’t move on from the love she has for the absent Robin. While Robin’s journey was fascinating and emotional, I honestly felt she’d have done something about it a lot quicker than she did. Equally, I felt Lily would have tried to turn things around a lot quicker than she did. I know it made for more drama to have it last as long as it did, and I definitely enjoyed the culmination of both characters’ journeys. But, to be honest, it felt a little contrived in places, despite the great writing style and the emotions—and in particular, the power of repressed memories—the author explored.

It’s a good book, yes, but for me, not quite as good as her first.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 298 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 16-March-2017
Price $9.99 ebook, $17.95 paperback
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