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Never Too Old to Live Again (Lubirea Mai 1) by Bellann Summer at Siren Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / MPreg / Interspecies / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 13-November-2017

Book Blurb

Stephan Analdo likes to watch the world go by from his front porch. At seven hundred years old, he is a male cougar shifter who is set in his ways. He is a loner, who fights for what he believes in and leaves if he doesn’t like something. When his mate moves in next door, his world is totally rocked on its axis.

Todd Jacobs is delighted to be able to buy the only place that felt like home, of the many childhood houses he has lived in. Imagine his surprise after spending the day working in his new yard, a one-hundred-fifty-pound cougar knocks him to the floor.

See what happens when a cougar shifter finally finds his human mate and the mate keeps wanting to talk. See what happens when a human is mated to a crabby cougar shifter and he won’t explain anything about the shifter world.


Book Review

In an unusual coincidence, I read a short by this author in an anthology which I then discovered she was rereleasing as an extended version of the original short. Well, turns out the extended rerelease is book 4 of the ‘Lubirea Mai’ series, and I’m biologically incapable of beginning a series unless I start at the beginning. So naturally, I must read the first three installments before I can continue. It’s a real hardship I tell you. *grins*

Stephan is a hoot and he doesn’t even mean to be. Todd calls him Crabby Bastard because that’s what Todd’s dad called him when they used to live next door twenty years ago. Imagine Todd’s surprise when he discovers the paranormal world is real, Crabby Bastard still lives next door, and apparently the reason Todd never forgot this house or his neighbor is because they’re mates. Stephan really is a cantankerous, grumpy, seven-hundred-year-old cougar shifter and he should spend his days yelling at kids to get off of his lawn. He doesn’t understand why his mate won’t let him finish the mating… why do they have to talk? Frustrating human.

Lubirea mai is an ancient Romanian word and it means more than soul mates. In the paranormal world finding your lubirea mai is a miracle as they don’t happen often, although in Stephan’s years he has noticed a trend of more happening at certain times. Regardless, Stephan is stunned when Todd and he turn out to be lubirea mai. For one thing, as a human, it means Todd can have Stephan’s kits. Todd isn’t so sure how he feels about that and I don’t blame him. Todd also isn’t too sure about being mated to a man he has to constantly drag information out of, but what’s done is done, so they’re both going to have to adjust. I can admit to enjoying watching them fumble, especially Stephan as he tried to keep his lubirea mai from learning about the cat council and several of their “rules”.

A very interesting and unique new way of handling the fated mates trope. I really enjoyed this introduction into the world and I’m looking forward to jumping straight into the next books in the series. I’m hoping to see more advancement within the cat council on changing some of their archaic traditions.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 25735 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 08-September-2014
Price $3.99 ebook
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