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Mossy Glenn Ranch: Part One by Bailey Bradford at Pride Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Cowboys / Menage MMM / Erotic Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 26-May-2020

Book Blurb

Mossy Glenn Ranch: Part One – a box set

1 - Chaps & Hope It'll take hard work for Carlos, Troy and Will to turn the Mossy Glenn Ranch into the successful business it used to be, and even more challenging will be making the place their home.

2 - Ropes & Dreams Ian McCain’s always been one cold, hard man, but a sexy little cook is about to melt his heart.

3 - Saddles & Memories Salt Johnson has had his heart broken, or at least his ego dented, but he's about to meet a man who wipes away every bad memory Salt ever had.

4 - Fences & Freedom Ramsey Carmichael has never cared about anyone or anything except writing the next story, until one innocent man turns his life around.

The Mossy Glenn Ranch used to be a successful spread, but two demented owners in a row put an end to that. Although it was sold out from underneath them, three siblings re-purchase as much of the property as they can, and hire three men, Carlos, Will and Troy from Where There's a Will, to bring the ranch back to the productive state it once was in.


Will convinces them to make the ranch a haven for those cowboys and cowgirls who can't be themselves on other ranches. He wants a home for not only him and his men, but he wants a family for them, too.


The different people who live and work at the ranch bring something special to it. Their lives are as twined together as their stories.



First edition of Chaps & Hope published by Total E-Bound Publishing, March 2013.

First edition of Ropes & Dreams published by Total E-Bound Publishing, July 2013.

First edition of Saddles & Memories published by Total E-Bound Publishing, November 2013.

First edition of Fences & Freedom published by Total E-Bound Publishing, December 2013.

Book Review

Chaps & Hope

'Chaps and Hope' is book one in Bailey Bradford's new series, Mossy Glenn Ranch, and is, essentially, a continuation of Carlos, Troy, and Will's story whom I met in 'Where There's a Will'. The guys have moved to Montana to take over the running of the Mossy Glenn Ranch for the three siblings who own it, Nick, Annabelle, and Rory. I loved coming back to my guys because I knew this would be a wonderful story and that the sex would be out of this world hot. I wanted to watch Carlos, Troy and Will settle into their relationship and for each of them to find their niche.

The guys get to the ranch and discover a mess. Someone graffitied the barn and house, fencing has been torn down, the house was broken into and garbage and dead rodents are all over. Yuck. They get to work on the fixing up, although Troy has a bit of a run-in with the local bigoted hardware store owner. Will has a great idea about advertising for hands in GLBTQ friendly publications, ensuring they get employees who aren't fazed by Carlos, Troy and Will's relationship, plus the ranch could offer a haven to anyone who is down on their luck in an unfriendly situation. I have to admit that when the author introduced Drake, the guy who said he knew nothing about animals or ranching but he sure could ride a cowboy, I had high hopes I would get to see more of him!

Settling in and getting the ranch up and running takes more work than even they thought it would. They hire some ranch hands and, of course, Drake as the cook, but since someone keeps graffitiing the barns, they have to keep stopping regular work to repaint. Then Troy discovers the hardware store owner having beaten the hell out of his son, and Troy calls the police while trying to keep himself from being attacked by the crazy bigot. The Mossy G has got some interesting stuff going on and I'm loving it. One good thing comes from Troy stepping in: some of the townsfolk come to the ranch and help to paint as their way to show thanks that someone finally stepped in and helped that kid.

There was a lot of excitement in this book, and holy crap, there was a ton of sex. For a minute it almost made me want to be a man. Nah, what was I thinking? *grins* I'm really looking forward to the next book in the series because I'd like to see more of Drake and Barney, some of the new people introduced here. Of course, I'll want to check back in with Carlos, Troy and Will, also, to ensure they are still happy and everything is going well for them. Thank You, Bailey Bradford, for creating another super fun and sexy series!


Ropes & Dreams

I was so excited to read 'Ropes and Dreams' because I completely fell in love with Drake in the first installment of the 'Mossy Glenn Ranch' series by Bailey Bradford. I really wanted him to get what he so very much deserved after the crap-tastic last boyfriend he had. Even though these books can be read as stand-alones, I recommend reading them in order because there is a lot of backstory that should be read first, in my opinion. 

As I said, I completely fell in love with Drake. When he applied for a job on the ranch, any job, and stated he didn't know anything about ranching, or animals, but he sure could ride a cowboy, I was completely and totally hooked! Then, when some of his story started to come out, I was a goner for him. Drake has had a tough life, with a run of really bad boyfriends who've all had something in common - the ability to make Drake feel even worse about himself. The problem was that Drake began to realize that he is a submissive, but without really understanding that, he tended to pick guys who were just abusive instead of true Dominants.

Ian was a mystery coming into 'Ropes and Dreams' as he was shown in the first installment, but only in a small degree. Ian is a control freak, and well aware he suffers from "short man syndrome", but he accepts those parts of himself and understands they stem from the heavily abusive childhood he had. There was something so sweet and vulnerable about Ian, though, especially in his wanting to have a real home, or to being able to have an actual conversation with a guy, and his desire to be loved for who he is. Ian is a Dom who enjoys the lifestyle, although not full-time, and he senses the sub in Drake when they meet. After hearing some of Drake's horror stories regarding past boyfriends, Ian is determined to woo Drake and get him to understand how amazing he really is.

There is a serious topic that underlies this story, but I'm not mentioning a thing because it's a spoiler! Needless to say, the man responsible for putting the fear into Drake gets away way too easily, in my opinion. And, not to miss out on my other guys, I got glimpses of Carlos, Troy, and Will, which made me very happy. Drake and Ian are hot, hot, hot and they are getting added to my list of favorite couples. There's just something about each of them, individually, and then how amazing they are together that totally won me over. This second installment in the series is definitely my favorite so far, but I am eagerly looking forward to the next book.


Saddles & Memories

I have been waiting for this third installment in the 'Mossy Glenn Ranch' series by Bailey Bradford. I have been dying to find out about Salt and wanting to see him get his own happy ever after. Of course, I also wanted to be able to reconnect with my favorite snarky bottom, Will, and his men, Troy and Carlos, plus Drake and Ian, too. Psst…I strongly recommend that these books be read in order so you have all of the background information. I adore this author's writing and well, there's cowboys, what could be better?

Saul 'Salt' Johnson is forty-five years old and has spent his whole life as a ranch hand doing what he loves to do. He never minded not being in a relationship because he sure wasn't going to out himself at any of the other ranches he worked at. But, the Mossy Glenn Ranch is different and he can be himself there for the first time ever. Which is liberating but also a little scary. Salt also has a best friend for the first time in his life and it's a woman, Rocky, who works with him. He's discovering there are a lot of things he might have missed over the years, and when he meets Andy at the feed store, he's thinking a long-term relationship might just be the biggest one.

Andy Calder is thirty-seven and the co-owner of Organic Feeds. He took one look at Salt in the feed store and knew he had to have him. The problem is how Salt made him feel and Andy isn't so sure that's a good thing. He's spent his whole life, pretty much, doing casual hookups, much like Salt has, so Andy isn't sure why he's all of a sudden wishing for more. Talking it out, or as much talking as men do, Salt and Andy agree to be friends with benefits for when Andy's business brings him to the area. Andy isn't really out because of the business and the risk to sales that could cause and Salt certainly can understand that.

Thus begins Andy and Salt's texting and phone call friendship. Andy's a little freaked out about how much he looks forward to those conversations and is this violating some rule in the friends with benefits arena? When Andy turns down the opportunity to hook up at a bar, he knows it's time for him and Saul to talk about maybe being more than friends with benefits. A tenuous monogamous relationship begins between two men who have no idea what they're doing. Andy tells Salt about his family and the guilt he carries that he didn't fight harder to keep custody of his nephew when his brother died, and his difficulties with his younger brother. 

Oh I loved this story! Andy and Salt were so perfect for each other and, in the end, they got their happy ever after and their family. It is a wonderful story and now I'm desperate for the next installment. I love the Mossy Glenn Ranch and I want to see more and more of it. Thank you, Bailey, for a wonderful story that I can read over and over again.


Fences & Freedom

Yay, book four in one of my favorite cowboy series, and I'm pretty sure Bailey wrote 'Fences and Freedom' for me. Why do I think that? Because I stated very plainly in my review for the first book in the series that Barney was one of the characters I wanted to see more of. So, see? Obviously Ms. Bradford listened to my wisdom and wrote me a book about Barney and Ramsey. Thank you, Bailey, you are too good to me. *snort*

I wanted more of Barney because, honestly, the glimpses I had could've almost led me to believe he was "simple", but I had a gut feeling that was way off. Of course I was right, again. Barney isn't stupid, far from it. He's just a big, hard working, loyal guy who loves his mama and is an only child. All that alone time growing up after his dad died just made Barney more introspective than most. Combine that with the fact his mama raised him in a loving, non-judgmental and non-bigoted household and pretty much with Barney, what you see is what you get. That's not something I can say about Ramsey, at least when it comes to his reasons for being at the ranch. Ramsey is a polar opposite to Barney in a number of ways. Ramsey is bad-tempered, he can be obnoxious, he doesn't care if people like him, and he's spent most of his life looking out for number one. I have to admit that I didn't like Ramsey in the beginning, certainly not the way I fell for Barney.

"While he hated to make his first relationship based on some kind of power play, he didn't see much other choice. Well, other than forgetting about Ramsey. Or being used." See what I mean? For a guy who has never had a relationship with a man, or a woman for that matter, Barney is very smart about what he wants and he's determined to get Ramsey. And I can say, as the story progressed, Ramsey opened up more and he began to change, realizing that perhaps he didn't want to be a mean, old, bitter asshole like his dad. And the change of heart was a direct result of spending time with Barney who had a heart as big and true as the Montana sky. "Ramsey might not have known what love was before that moment, but he did then. It was reflected at him in the way Barney looked at him, touched him, and he himself had to be shining with it. He knew right then he'd have to scrap his plans for the cheap story he'd been planning. Maybe he'd never had his heart into it in the first place."

Barney and Ramsey have booted Drake and Ian out of my very favorite couple spot for the Mossy Glenn Ranch series. Don't get me wrong, Drake and Ian are most definitely still a favorite couple, but Barney and Ramsey are mine, now. I dibs them and they belong to me. I told you Bailey wrote this story just for me. These two were so incredibly adorable together that it just about killed me to read them. Barney was, literally, a virgin, but Ramsey with all of his hookups, was essentially one, too, and watching them was just breathtaking. The love was truly inspirational.

At this point all I can say is - I want more of the Mossy Glenn Ranch and its amazing people. Thank you, Bailey, for MY story. It is fantastic!





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