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Moonlight Becomes You (Lucky Moon 1) by M.J. O'Shea and Piper Vaughn

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 21-October-2020

Book Blurb

Eleven years ago, Shane Ventura made the biggest mistake of his life.

He caved to pressure from his new record label and kicked his best friend Jesse out of their band, Luck. To this day, Shane has never wanted anyone more. All the sex, drugs, and rock n' roll can't fill the void Jesse left behind. Not even the prospect of teaming up with Britain's hottest band, Moonlight, for a massive world tour can get him out of his funk.

Then he meets lead singer Kayden Berlin and falls into instant lust.

Kayden may act like he's not interested, but Shane knows he feels the spark between them. Yet the harder Shane pushes, the more Kayden pulls away. Until one explosive night leaves Shane with a broken heart. That seems to be his lot -- lucky at everything but love.

Shane still has one lesson left to learn: when it comes to love, you can't always leave things to chance.


First edition published by Loose Id, August 2011.

Second edition published by Dreamspinner Press, April 2014.


Book Review

“You've been under my nose…after everything we've been through…. I can't believe I overlooked you, right under my nose…been searching for something that's been here all along.” ~ Colby O'Donis

Regrets torture you every day and there's not much that you can do about it except try to live with it. Shane Ventura, of ‘Moonlight Becomes You’, by M.J. O'Shea and Piper Vaughn, lives with the pain of chances missed every day. Missing the one who got away, is hurtful enough, but knowing you deliberately sent him away makes the pain almost unbearable. Even Shane's successful music career isn't enough to keep him from missing Jesse every single day. Shane dreams of another chance with him, but knows that when he kicked Jesse out of their band, he burned all the bridges that could possibly lead to a reconciliation.

When the real possibility arises for Shane’s band to become successful, they are all elated, especially Shane, who sees a way to get him and his brother away from their abusive father. Then the hammer drops. The record company doesn't want Jesse and gives them an ultimatum; kick Jesse out, or there will be no contract. Shane is caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. He is too immature and frightened take a chance and stand up to the company to insist that Jesse remain, for fear of losing everything they have worked so hard for; so he tells Jesse, whom he already knows he loves, that he has to leave.  A day hasn't gone by that Shane hasn't wished he could reverse that decision. He tries to bury his feelings in typical rocker style, lots of sex and booze, but it doesn't help. The pain is too deeply imbedded in his soul.

When Luck, Shane's band, get a chance to tour with Moonlight, the most popular band around, Shane should be elated. It's a great opportunity for them, but Shane can't get too excited about it, that is, until he meets their lead vocalist, Kaden Berlin. Shane feels an instant familiarity with Kaden, along with a heavy dose of lust. He has to have that man, but it proves more of a challenge than he anticipates. Although Kaden is friendly to everyone else, he treats him and his brother with utter disdain. Shane still tries to get close to Kaden and fails spectacularly. During this time, Shane is missing Jesse even more than usual even having dreams about him. The pain of Jesse's loss as fresh as ever and Shane doesn't know what's causing it. Finally, he and Kaden end up in bed and have a particularly meaningful encounter, but the next day, Kayden is back to his normal cold self. Shane is stunned and broken-hearted. He knows that there is energy between them, but can't understand why Kayden is trying so hard to push him away. He wonders what's going on in Kayden's mind and what will it take to get through to him?

This is an intense story of love, loss, and redemption, which kept me on my toes with all the twists and turns. It's also a bit of a mystery, as well as a lesson in human behavior, particularly in the area of revenge. Only love and forgiveness can ease the pain of betrayal. If you love rockers, music, sexy men, and even sexier encounters, angst, and second chances, you will enjoy this story. Thanks, MJ and Piper, for the delightful read.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 244 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 05-August-2020
Price $3.00 ebook, $10.00 paperback
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