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Model Investigator (Haven Investigations 3) by Lissa Kasey

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Military/Former Military / Erotic Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 30-October-2019

Book Blurb

What happens when everything you thought you knew about your past is wrong?


With Kade missing, Ollie enlists the help of Jacob to find Kade. Except Jacob is temporarily deaf, and Ollie is suffering from debilitating migraines, which make them less than a dynamic duo. Both are surprised when it actually works, leading them to Kade’s manipulative family.


A little broken, Kade is no longer whole, and plagued with PTSD nightmares where he has a hard time parsing reality from fiction. Ollie knows the horrific accusations of Kade’s family aren’t true, and he’s determined to prove Kade innocent, even when Kade himself isn’t sure.


Ollie clings to the hope of putting Kade back together and returning them to the peaceful path they’d had before it all erupted. Only something more is wrong than toxic families and misremembered history, and it might just kill Ollie before he can discover the truth.


Note: This MM romance features an ex-Marine with tattoos, a former model with a passion for solving mysteries, a snarky rock star, and lots of family drama mixed with a little murder.


First edition published by Dreamspinner Press, June 2017.


Book Review

After the author left me on pins and needles at the end of ‘Model Bodyguard’, book two in the series, I was eagerly anticipating this novel. I mean, Ollie out cold after driving Jacob’s tour bus on a high-speed chase with a gun pointed at his head, Kade shot with Ollie’s taser and with a gun, bleeding out… oh what could possibly happen next? Everyone who has ever been in love’s single worst nightmare happens next. Ollie wakes up in the hospital only to discover that Kade is missing, stolen out of the hospital by his family, and Ollie has to do everything possible to get Kade back.

“What was I going to do? Walk up to Kade’s parents’ front door and demand to see him? They’d probably arrest me. But I was running out of options. There was no trace of him anywhere, and even Ty’s legal battle to get Kade’s family to give him up was dragging on longer than he had expected it to.”

I really hate Kade’s family. Probably as much as Ollie does, which is why when he gets Kade back, mostly in one piece, Ollie decides it's time to investigate all these things his family members accused him of, things which precipitated his father putting him in mental institutions more than once as a child, beginning when he was just eleven. Ollie knows there's no way Kade would have ever abused a dog or raped a woman, certainly nothing that would have ever precipitated the need for such extreme action. Being gay was about the worst thing, according to his dad, and Kade paid for that multiple times with trips to gay conversion therapy.

This seems like an easy, run-of-the-mill plot line, but this author isn't really known for those. The basics of Ollie looking into Kade’s past is easy, however, there is so much emotional friction, tension, and eventual resolution, that nothing is simple. Ollie is still suffering from headaches he received from the last blow to his head, and looking into his lover’s background is made more difficult by Ollie’s own exhaustion and, sometimes, doubts. Kade is struggling to deal with this last kidnapping by his family, including all the mind-altering drugs he was given, not to mention years of “shock therapy” as a kid, has him missing memories. It was tough to watch these two men struggle to get back to where they used to be before taking Jacob’s case. Interestingly, it's Jacob, believe it or not, who helps them to get there.

“I was suddenly angry at everyone and everything. Kade for making me doubt him. Jacob for always judging me. Ty and Will for treating me like a child…. And Kade for not needing me. He’d come home after experiencing things that would have had me crying in a corner, only to roll back into life like it had been nothing but a vacation to the beach. It made me feel weak and angry.”

Whoa. I love the way I never can guess who the bad guy (or girl) is in this series of books. It was wonderful to get clarity in regards to Kade’s family and all of the stuff from his childhood, but something tells me he's not done dealing with his own demons. Ollie was fabulous, as always, and seeing them even more in love than ever, was wonderful. Oh, I can't wait for the next installment because there are still questions to be answered.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 309 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 02-October-2019
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