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Mind Magic (The Triad of Magic 1) by Macy Blake

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Angels/Demons / Shifters / Magic / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 14-November-2019

Book Blurb

According to the rules, Simon Osborne should ignore the children’s cries for help. After all, they’re werewolf cubs, and he’s an apprentice mage. But for once in his life, Simon breaks the rules and rescues the cubs, saving them from a demon intent on draining them of their magic.

Of course, all actions have consequences, and Simon’s bold move earns him the displeasure of his peers and the attention of the cubs’ alpha, a man named Gray Townsend.

The last thing Gray needs is a mage in his life, but Simon did save his son. Since Simon is now a friend of the pack, Gray doesn’t have much choice about it—or the forbidden attraction that goes along with it. Unfortunately for the alpha, he needs Simon’s help to track down the demon behind the kidnappings—before it strikes again. Simon and Gray must join forces to protect the pack, even as they struggle to resist the temptation that threatens to destroy them both.

First edition published by Dreamspinner Press under the author's pseudonym, Poppy Dennison, April 2012.

Book Review

My favorite genre has, and always will be, paranormal. I've been an addict most of my life and shifter stories are often my favorite. It's no wonder then that when I read the blurb for Mind Magic by Macy Blake, I was intrigued. Not to mention that this world the author created keeps each of the different types of magic users essentially separate from one another.

Simon Osborne is an Apprentice Mage who has been taught the rules about magical species never mixing, very well. Unfortunately, when he gets barraged for two days with cries from wolf cubs, he knows he has to help. Simon rescues the cubs from the demon draining their energy and, in so doing, becomes a friend of the pack. This situation could get Simon in a whole lot of trouble if his Master Mage were to find out. But he can't help wanting to learn more about the werewolves, their culture, their society, and their way of life because Mage's are not taught anything about any species besides themselves. But, in his heart, Simon is gentle, intelligent, knowledgeable, and just plain curious.

Gray Townsend is the alpha of his werewolf pack and the father of one of the missing cubs. As alpha he holds responsibility for the entire pack in his hands and he takes his job very seriously. Gray is strong, determined, dominant but, also, gentle and loving. When Gray is faced with the mage who saved his son and cubs he doesn't know what to think. Add to that, his son made the mage a friend of the pack, and Gray is determined to learn more about Simon.

But before all the learning can begin, both Simon and Gray have to deal with the devastating consequences of the demon attack to both the cubs and to Simon. Something is draining the magic/energy out of Gray's son and when Simon intervenes, the spell jumps to him. Now the demon is hunting Simon, secrets from Simon's grandfather are discovered, a betrayal is done, and Gray and Simon continue their attraction.

I really enjoyed this first book in the Triad series. It definitely hit a number of my likes in many ways. Simon is truly a character of the heart and his love can work miraculous results. The plot and story were so interesting along with the fascinating secondary characters and the ending was so wonderful that I'm looking forward to reading more in the series.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 220 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 29-October-2019
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