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Mate (Forbidden Desires 3) by Piper Scott and Virginia Kelly

Genre Gay / Urban Fantasy / Magic / MPreg / Omegaverse / Shifters / Interspecies / Menage MMM / Polyamory / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 10-September-2020

Book Blurb

Spitfire Disgrace Matthieu Boudreaux has one wish: to age out of the Pedigree he despises, then destroy it. With one year left before he achieves the first step of his goal, Matthieu finally has some hope for an independent future… until a surly Amethyst dragon by the name of Geoffrey Drake and his entourage show up at Matthieu’s cloister and inform him he’s been selected to be part of an ‘experiment.’

Geoffrey Drake, proud and stuffy legal counsel for the Amethyst clan, has been charged with ruining his own life. His mission? Deliver a potential mate to the son of the Amethyst clan’s most despised enemy—and the man he’s loved in secret for the last hundred years—Topaz dragon Ian Brand. Refusal is impossible. Dragons don’t consort with dragons, and should Geoffrey decline, he risks exposing them both.

Ian Brand, charming black sheep of the Topaz clan, is trapped between his forbidden love for an Amethyst dragon centuries his senior and his duty to his family. Chosen by his unhinged father to be the Topaz candidate for the mating experiment, Ian is faced with a terrible choice: run away with the man he loves and face the deadly consequences, or accept his fate with a broken heart.

But dragon magic, as Matthieu, Geoffrey, and Ian soon discover, works in mysterious ways. When an unforeseeable circumstance draws them all together and puts their futures at risk, they have no choice but to set their differences aside and work together to prove a new, startling truth…

What the dragon world knows about mates has been wrong all along, and it will be up to the three of them to prove it.



Mate is a steamy omegaverse mpreg-ish romance that will leave you in stitches. It contains an experiment gone awry, five eccentric peacocks, an unusually large number of whelps, an ancient Viking Daddy dragon, and science! For maximum enjoyment, Mate is best read following the events of Clutch and Bond.

Book Review

I was almost more excited about writing this review than I was about reading this third installment in the series. Almost. I can finally share some of the excitement that has occurred and the new information I’ve learned in this intriguing world. At the end of ‘Bond’ (book two in the series), Harry has come up with a hypothesis that explains how he and Everard were able to bond and produce an egg, even though Harry is a beta and not a dragon or a Pedigree. (These books really must be read in order or I fear you might be completely lost with the backstory and histories.) Harry’s hypothesis is that the ones the dragons have always called the Disgraced (a human born of a dragon and a Pedigree omega), are still biologically a dragon and hence can easily produce a clutch and bond with an alpha dragon. It would appear that Harry is actually a Disgraced omega unbeknownst to him. Regardless, since the fertility of dragons has suffered significantly in recent centuries this could be the answer to their problems. Harry and Everard put together a proposal for the council and thus begins the story of Ian, Geoffrey, and Matthieu in ‘Mate’.


Geoffrey considers himself abnormal since he has never lusted after an omega, only other alpha dragons. In their society such desires are considered beyond abnormal and if discovered can lead to a sentence of death. Well, a hundred years have passed since he and Ian first got together and they truly feel as if they’re bonded even though that is supposed to be impossible for two alphas. They hide their love not just because it’s considered wrong but because Geoffrey is Amethyst clan whilst Ian is Topaz and they’ve feuded and warred for most of their history. Both men are the respective legal representatives for their clans within the council which has enabled them more freedom and kept them off their sire’s radar in terms of mating and producing eggs. Enter Matthieu and the council’s order.


Matthieu is a Disgraced having been raised in a Pedigree cloister his whole life being shamed for his birth. Now he’s being forced to participate in an “experiment” and he isn’t happy! He’s got two years before he’ll age out of the cloister, then he wants to go to law school and spend the rest of his life trying to take down the Pedigree and its antiquated system. He has no use for dragons and certainly doesn’t want anything to do with a mate bond. As if! Well, these three men have no idea how their lives are going to change and the difference they’re going to make in dragon society.


This is a wonderful addition to the series (although Harry is still my all-time favorite character) and there is a lot going on in this volume. More discoveries are made about mate bonds and egg bonds, while these three are fumbling their way through bonding and love. Matthieu is a fantastic addition to Geoffrey and Ian’s life as he’s not shy about speaking his mind or sharing his opinions. Their sexual chemistry is off the charts but watching them fall in love was truly the best part.


I absolutely adored the ending and the resolutions that came about. This has been a fun series, not just because of great characters and secondaries—Steve the iguana in his T-shirts and the peacocks with too much personality—but also because of the gradual revelations about the dragon society and the science behind the mystery, so to speak. If you enjoy unusual mpreg and shifter stories then I can highly recommend this series.





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Format ebook, print and audio
Length Novel, 378 pages/103000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 17-February-2019
Price $4.99 ebook, $15.99 paperback, $7.49 audiobook
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