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Malachite (The Brotherhood of Ormarr 4) by Michele Notaro and Sammi Cee

Genre Gay / Fantasy / Alternate Reality / Magic / Mythological Creatures / Romance / Action/Adventure
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 12-June-2019

Book Blurb


I have a wonderful life. I have no room to complain; between my brothers and their new mates, this is the most alive our home has felt since my parents died. Unfortunately, all of them being mated is making me miserable. When it was just the four of us, it was us against the world. Now they’re paired up and it’s only me and my dragon, Kesia. Until I happen to walk into the Overlord’s Lair and I see him: Quentin. Mine. Mate. As much as I want to win him over without telling him I’m a dragon rider and we’re mates—which I know he’d love—I’m not sure I can. The minute I’m around him I act like an idiot.


Every time the goofy guy walks into my store, he brightens my day, and I look forward to his daily visits. There’s just something about him that draws me to him, to the point he leaves me pining after him the moment he’s gone. But the thing is, I can tell he’s hiding something, and my wild imagination is coming up with the craziest explanations of the secrets he’s keeping. Maybe he’s a vampire that’s come to whisk me away—ridiculous, right? But a guy can dream. And I’ve definitely been dreaming of that big, muscular man wrapping me in his arms at night.


Book Review

As expected, everything comes to a head in this final book of the ‘Brotherhood of Ormarr’ series, revelations clarify what has really been going on, and the political machinations set in motion by various parties reach a boiling point. The alternative reality of these stories with its special tweaks has a lot to offer, and I have really enjoyed the creativity of its authors that has given me four wonderful adventures. In this fourth volume, the focus is on Malachite, the second oldest of the Ormarr brothers and his mate, an antiques store owner named Quentin with a love for dragons. I do recommend to read these books in order since they build on each other: the final exposure of the traitor, the explanation of who the wraiths and their evil riders are, and the resolution to the power struggle between the various factions only make sense with a knowledge of the back story.

Malachite is the tallest of the four brothers, a fierce warrior, and he has been watching each of his brothers meet their mates while despairing he will ever find his own. When he finally does, he isn’t sure how to proceed – different from his dragon, Kesia, who tries to encourage him at every opportunity – too cute! But Malachite is involved in serious missions trying to keep the wraiths at bay and is afraid that Quentin will be scared when he finds out the truth. It isn’t exactly easy telling someone there is a whole secret war going on and that dragons are real!

Quentin is pretty lonely but he loves his quirky store, aptly named The Overlord’s Lair, and he loves fantasy and adores dragons. Little does he know what a treat he is in for when he becomes friends with Malachite… but it takes him a while to open up. Quentin is shy, lacks self-confidence, and can’t believe anyone would love him. As it turns out he has a larger role to play in unveiling the truth, and some of the stuff in his store is not as harmless as it seems. His enthusiasm for the reality of dragons is contagious, and I loved seeing events through his eyes.

If you like stories that feature slightly socially awkward men who discover they are as lovable as they have always dreamed of being, if adventure, discoveries, and suspenseful battles are your thing, and if you’re looking for a thrilling read about fated mates, defying evil, and men bonded with dragons, then you will probably like this novel. It’s a very fitting conclusion to an imaginary series.





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Publication Date 10-June-2019
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