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Mad about the Boy by Beth Laycock at Rainbow Romance Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Officers of the Law / Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by nakin1978 on 09-April-2020

Book Blurb

Something’s waiting for Eli. Somebody’s watching his every move...


Eli is used to looking after himself. Single for longer than he’d care to admit, he doesn’t need a man for more than a hookup, not when he’s got his loyal dog, Zeus, by his side.


But one night changes the course of his life. He meets Dominic, an actual copper and not the stripper he thought his best friend had hired for his birthday. Unfortunately for Eli, after his night out celebrating, a gift awaits him at home—but not a pleasant one.


His birthday may be over, but the threats keep coming. Keep escalating. Keep hurting those close to him. Just how far will the monster behind them go? And how much will Eli lose before he can stop them?


Book Review

This book was more like two stories wrapped up in one big pretty bow, but not everything that happened in this book was pretty. There are some terrifying situations that involve stalking, murder of animals, attempted murder, and an all-around crazy individual. So those are your warnings for this book. If you can overlook those elements then this book is an extremely good read with a lot of suspense.


Eli is content with his life. He has a fairly decent job at a restaurant. He volunteers at a place he loves and one day hopes to own, Muddy Paws, an animal shelter, and he has great friends. For the most part he is content with his life even though his friends believe he needs a man in his life. Eli is not convinced that is so.


On the night of his birthday he heads out to celebrate with Shannon and her boyfriend and also another friend named Tom. Eli is not big on birthday celebrations but he knows that Shannon would not have it any other way. While at the bar, a man walks in and at first Eli believes his friend hired a stripper dressed as a copper for his birthday but it turns out that Dominic is truly a copper and not a stripper.


After Eli and Dominic get to talking and getting to know one another a little better. Dominic decides to walk Eli home. Turns out this is a good thing because someone decided to leave Eli a not so nice message on his front door. Because of this incident, Dominic and Eli start to grow closer as more things start to occur. The more things happen the more it becomes obvious that someone is out for Eli. But the question is who?


While all this is happening, the second story is about how Eli wants to take his volunteer work and make it his permanent job. There are many obstacles standing in his way but if he plays his cards right, he may be able to pull it off. But it is going to take some really bad and good twists and turns for that to happen. All Eli and Dominic can do is hang on for the ride and hope that whoever it is who is stalking Eli is caught soon before someone is hurt.


I really enjoyed his book. It is quite the adventurous read that is for sure. It is hard to figure out who is behind everything happening to Eli but once all is revealed, it not only upset me but also made me a little sad as well. This is definitely a good read. I enjoyed all the suspense and the danger.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 383 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 31-July-2019
Price $3.99 ebook, $11.99 paperback
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