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Long Shadow (Hamarsson & Dempsey 2) by Elle Keaton - AUDIO

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Officer of the Law / Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by nakin1978 on 21-September-2020

Book Blurb

Niall’s never known anything but betrayal. All Mat wants is Niall’s heart. What will it take for him to coax Niall in from the cold?


Mat's connection with Niall is tenuous; one step forward, two steps back. Since that night on the beach Niall's been avoiding Mat like a bad case of the flu - which, ironically, most of his deputies have come down with. What will it take for Niall to truly believe Mat wants him for who he is?


Mat's overworked, Niall's unnerved, and then things really go sideways.


Will a killer destroy everything before Niall realizes they are stronger together than apart?



Long Shadow is a dual POV about a broody introvert and a somewhat patient sheriff. Mat’s going to have to prove to Niall he's the man for him. The Hamarsson and Dempsey series follows the same couple as they find their way to their happily ever after.

Narrated by Michael Dean

Book Review

This is the first audio book in this series that I have listened to. I enjoyed the story itself. It is full of mystery, danger, and even a slow-burning romance between a brooding ex-detective and the town sheriff. My only dislike of this book is that the narrator sometimes goes a little too fast when speaking which occasionally made it hard for me to keep up.


This book is number two in the series. Now granted, I did not listen to or read book one, but that is fine because I was not lost in the least. Niall recently came back to town. He grew up here once he moved in with his grandparents after his mother went missing. Up to that point, his life had not been good. His mom was into drugs and such, so it is not hard to imagine how uncertain and unhealthy of a life he lived before moving in with his grandparents. Even after finally having a stable home to grown up in, he never was one to trust others easily. Never one to get close to others. So when he graduated high school, he left the small town he grew up in and never thought he would return.


Though Niall would deny it, some of the reason he is moving back is because of Mat. Mat was the one person who may have been considered a friend growing up, but now Niall is seeing Mat in a new light. Mat is the sheriff of his small town. For the most part, there is not a lot of crime with the exception of small-time drugs or similar crimes. But recently there has been a string of unexplained fires that is starting to look more and more like arson. When the fires keep happening, both Mat and the fire chief know they have a problem.


As the situation gets more and more out of control, Mat finds that his attention is split between Niall and what is happening in his small town. Though Niall tries to keep Mat at arm’s length, he is finding it harder and harder to do. When Mat finds himself in immediate danger, Niall finally has to face his feelings for the man he never wanted to open up to. 


Can Niall and Mat work together to figure out who is behind the string of fires? Will Mat and Niall ever work out their feelings toward each other and decide whether to try to make a relationship between them work out or not?


I really enjoyed listening to this book. Audio books are new to me and in my opinion, they are a great thing! It gives the reader, or listener in this case, a new aspect to the characters and how they are feeling. This audio book specifically made me feel more connected to the two main characters and even the supporting characters as well. It made this book so much more enjoyable and honestly it made the mystery of this story that much more interesting than it would have been just reading the book. This is definitely a recommended listen. I cannot wait for the next audio book in this series!





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Format audio book
Length Listening Length: 7 hours and 11 minutes
Heat Level
Publication Date 03-August-2020
Price $17.46 audiobook
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