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Long Hard Ride (Prentiss 2) by Talia Carmichael at Simply Sophisticated Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Cowboys / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 08-April-2020

Book Blurb

Paxton Lawson has rebuilt a life after losing his life partner. For his sons he’s moved to Prentiss and found a new place to belong. He’s made friends and enjoys the community. But when one friend makes his intentions known, Paxton is shocked...then tempted. Windsor is smart, able to debate books and any number of other things, and sexy. The sexy part Paxton has not least until now. Now that he is aware of it, he can’t seem to get over the fact that this man, who is a friend, wants him. Paxton can’t decide if he’d rather go back to being oblivious or give in to the need Windsor has awakened. How do you deal with a man who makes you remember that you’re a man who has needs? You hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

Windsor Broadhurst has got to know Paxton very well. From the first sight of the intense man, he knew he wanted him for his own. But he also knew that before he approached Paxton, he wanted to know Paxton as a friend. Once he did, the desire he felt only strengthened. Now he is ready to let the captivating horse breeder know he wants much more than friendship. He lays out his intentions and waits to see what Paxton decides. What he gets will surpass what he expected. Only time will tell if Paxton will be able to let go of the past to embrace a future with him. Windsor is ready, willing and able to continue with Paxton on his Long Hard Ride.



First edition published by Pride Publishing, August 2012.


Book Review

How someone grieves a loss is different for everyone. For Paxton Lawson, of 'Long Hard Ride', the pain of losing his life partner is so unbearable that he completely shuts down emotionally. Enough time has gone by now that he realizes he should move on. He wants to, but the feelings of desertion and betrayal of the man he intended to live the rest of his life with are so intense that he doesn't even see the opportunity when it presents itself. What will it take for Paxton to accept the fact that he wants another relationship?


Paxton is one of my favorite characters in the Prentiss series. He's strong, handsome, loving, gentle, intelligent, and oblivious to it all. He's basically a horse whisperer, able to soothe the most restless horse around. He's the epitome of the strong, silent type with no ego at all. He loves his sons and is an excellent friend. His fatal flaw is that he can't let go of the past. He choses to live in a bad dream rather than waking up and living his life instead of going through the motions. Paxton and Windsor have a great rapport, but Paxton sees Windsor only as a good friend. Paxton is so unaware that he misses all the clues.


I liked Windsor. He's strong, compassionate, gorgeous, and smart. What impressed me most about him was that he realized that what Paxton needed most was a friend instead of a lover. Windsor takes the time to get to know Paxton before trying to drag him into bed. Even though Windsor is in love with Paxton, he's sensitive enough to be kind and supportive, winning Paxton's confidence until he senses the time is right to breach the subject of a more intimate relationship. When the time comes, he proceeds cautiously and, most importantly, he's right there when Paxton needs him most.


As usual, Talia uses one of her favorite themes: is that of the importance of strong family ties, and creates a whole host of interesting secondary characters to support it, each with their own special charm. She has a knack of tying the characters together in a way which makes me feel like I'd like to meet them and wondering more about what they are like. This story is no exception. Paxton's sons, especially, add a lot of humor, intensity, imagination, and continuity to the book which carries the plot along nicely. This story can be read alone, but will be much more enjoyable if you read book one in the Prentiss series, entitled 'Ralston's Way' beforehand. I recommend this story to anyone who likes horses, cowboys, family unity, and the power of love conquering the most seemingly insurmountable task. Thanks, Talia, for the enjoyable story and I'm looking forward to the next one.




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Format ebook
Length Novella, 127 pages
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Publication Date 10-December-2019
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