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Living in Fast Forward by BA Tortuga at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 09-October-2017

Book Blurb

Acclaimed musician Hollis Lee is a little bit rock, a little bit country, and a lot in need of some TLC to mend the years of hardcore partying that threatens to ruin his career. Hollis’s manager, Charlie, has the perfect solution in mind.


Personal trainer Jeremy is even-keeled and nothing if not professional—which means doing his job, getting Hollis back to his fighting weight, and ignoring his fierce attraction to the rock star.


Turns out Hollis has a harder time resisting Jeremy than giving up sausage biscuits and cheeseburgers, but succumbing to temptation could end both of their careers. While Hollis is on tour, no one questions Jeremy’s presence, and that means plenty of time to sneak away for some steamy fun on the tour bus. But when an accident separates them, how will they sustain the relationship that’s starting to mean so much?




First Edition published by TOP SHELF An imprint of Torquere Press/June 2007.

Book Review

Not many romantic partners are a worse match than Hollis, a rock star who loves to live life in the fast lane, and Jeremy, a personal trainer with more principles around food and healthy living than seems healthy. That is – if you look at the surface of these two men interacting and, definitely, when they first meet. But as this tumultuous, chaotic, and very entertaining story unfolds and these two sometimes aggravating men get to know each other better, it becomes clear that there may be far more to their relationship than the professional interactions both intend to stick to. So much, in fact, that some people become intent on keeping them apart…

Hollis is deep in the bottle, so to speak, when his manager decides he needs to clean up his act – and not just in the official, public relations kind of sense. Hollis doesn’t agree, so he fights the new personal trainer he is assigned with everything he has. Except – he sort of gets what Jeremy is trying to do and soon succumbs to an entirely different sort of temptation. The physical attraction he feels for Jeremy isn’t the thing that keeps him coming back for more – it’s the emotional yearning that makes Hollis realize what he’s been denying himself for too long. Recognizing this takes him a while, and then figuring out what to do about it – that is a whole different set of problems.

Jeremy is a total professional who has performed “miracles” of the get-healthy kind before. Hollis is one of his most resistant cases – but he is also tempting on a personal level, something Jeremy has never had to face to this degree. As it turns out, Jeremy can resist the temptations of alcohol, fatty foods, and late-night snacks, but he has a much harder time dealing with the physical “buffet of delights” that is Hollis. The one thing that holds him back is the thought of both their careers – Hollis can’t “afford to be gay” and Jeremy can’t lose his reputation as a professional. Until even those considerations are no longer able to stop Jeremy from going after what he wants.

As it turns out, Jeremy and Hollis are able to deal with their attraction and come up with a plan, but someone else is not. I could see the threat coming, even if it took them much longer to figure it out, and it is one that comes very close to succeeding – if it weren’t for even more stubbornness than I suspected either of these two guys has at his disposal. Kept me holding my virtual breath for more than one chapter, that is for sure!

If you like country rock stars who need to learn how to control their life and be honest with themselves, if you have a soft spot for personal trainers who can resist some types of temptation better than others, and if you’re looking for a read that is as entertaining as it is emotionally touching, then you will probably like this novel.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 200 pages/53662 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 06-October-2017
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