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Little Harbour (Scandinavian Comfort 1) by Sophia Soames

Genre Gay / Bisexual / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Forgottenastronauts on 25-May-2020

Book Blurb

This is a story about life and death, because there was never anyone else for Jens. He had been with Sofie almost all his life, from the day they met at school when they were fifteen, until the day she took her final breath against his chest. She was always everything to him. As he was to her. He never doubted that. Not for a minute.

This is an adventure of hope, where Axel Kleve keeps himself too busy to even stop and think. Work, sleep, eat, repeat. He loves his job as a Midwife at Oslo’s University Hospital, He’s good at lecturing and training, and now he has somehow been pushed into running “Ask Axel”, a midwifery blog on, the parenting-site everyone in Norway trusts.

This is a tale of second chances. Jens, he doesn't let himself think of Axel. He doesn't think of Axel at
all. And Axel needs to stop longing for that one crush he’s never been able to leave behind. It’s just plain ridiculous. He should have got over Jens Sommerfeldt years ago.

A M/M novel full of love and family life, featuring a hord of feral children, a stolen pram, a Midwifery blog and an ill advised stint on TV. Oh yes, and a man who had lost hope and another who never gave it up.


Book Review

This was a hard one for me to read and review. For the first quarter of the book I absolutely loved it. Every word. There was so much greatness here…


Jens lost his wife a year ago. He’s now the single parent of four children with a full-time job as a professor and lecturer at the local college. His life has fallen apart, his kids have fallen apart, he’s got no idea what he’s doing.


Axel is a midwife and has started a blog online. When he gets an email intended for someone else, he notices that it’s from Jens, the best friend he fell in love with and then lost twenty years ago. And Axel has been in love with him since. He takes a chance to meet him again and see if he can finally let him go.


This is a story about second chances and is written so poetically. I really was amazed at the writing in this. I fell in love within the first fifteen minutes and was so invested in both Jens and Axel, but also the children. Each one was so dynamically engaging in the story and I literally felt like part of the family. I honestly can’t say enough about the writing in this. It was just beautiful.


My only hesitation in giving it a perfect score is the length. The story is angst-free. There were no issues or crossroads. It was blending Axel’s life with a family of five and how to cope with work and friends and family and feelings. Once I got two thirds of the way through, I was ready for the end. Yes, the writing was still stellar. Yes, everyone was still engaging and funny and the stories were epic, but it was so much without direction, I suppose.


So many words of love and the dialogue just flowed seamlessly. I really loved so many exchanges.

“You looked like you needed a hug.” Axel whispers in his ear.
“I did.” Jens whispers back. “I needed you, and now everything is okay.”

I totally recommend this author as I loved the story, I loved the characters, I loved the prose, and I know I’ll be thinking of the Sommerfeldt family for a very long time.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 470 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 01-December-2018
Price $4.70 ebook, $16.20 paperback
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