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Lake Fearless 1: Summer Stories by Wit Talcott

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance / Fiction
Reviewed by Bob-O-Link on 06-July-2020

Book Blurb

Gay men have been called to this lake for over forty years. In these stories, newcomers Evan, the sunny artist, and Tanner, the young cowboy, arrive at the lake and stir the hearts of the locals: a shy woodworker who has spent a lifetime alone, 17-year old best friends secretly longing for each other, and a widower who dreams of how it used to be. And the summer is just getting started.


Book Review

The first of two anthologies in the ‘Lake Fearless’ series consist of three stories related by time, place and recurring characters. Mr. Talcott so nicely weaves the main characters in one tale, and then as merely passing through in others. Spun throughout the collection, each becomes comfortably familiar to us.


But first, to paraphrase (abuse?) a popular and catchy candy bar ad: “Sometimes you feel like busting a nut; sometimes you don’t.” Mr. Talcott’s short stories are most likely to be read while holding your Kindle in both hands. That shouldn’t detract from the enjoyment available to all save, perhaps, those afflicted with satyriasis. And the books can be read openly on any public conveyance!


The blurb above pretty much advertises what’s to come. Mr. Talcott has posited a complete universe, situated in and around a quiet lake. He has populated that environment with varied gay personae, ranging widely in age which draws us readers broadly into contact with various times, experiences and attitudes - from the Stonewall Era through the present day.


In book one, Chad is a laid-back artist, earning a passing income beautifully portraying sexy men for the tourist trade. Evan is also artistic, crafting custom wood furniture. Both sufficiently mature, they approach each other gently, avoiding unintentional emotional harm. With care, the author limns nature’s idyll surrounding them. Nice! As in all the stories, the dialog is so appropriate for each speaker and situation. [Evan - eying a nude Chad, posed at the lake’s edge: “Chad, I wouldn’t need to change anything. You’re… look at you. You better get in the water though, it looks like you’re starting to embellish yourself.”] Why don’t more authors write as though we, their readers, are actually grown up? This thoughtful approach next continues with two adolescents’ realization of their gay attraction, and, finally, how a young man’s concern revitalizes an older gentleman’s fond memories and participation in life.


The stories are almost pastoral, and are sure to please the leisurely reader.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novella, 88 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 08-May-2020
Price $0.99 ebook, $4.99 paperback
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