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Lace Lovers (Lace 2) by L.J. Hamlin at Less Than Three Press

Genre Gay / Bisexual / Contemporary / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 16-November-2017

Book Blurb

Brenton is a famous rock star. He's also bisexual and closeted, despite the band's very open nature. When Zeke comes to work for them, Brenton is helplessly drawn. However, he has far bigger problems when he finds a picture that's been shoved under his door. The band has dealt with stalkers before, but this time Brenton—and Zeke—seem to be the focus, and Brenton fears this might be the time the band doesn't overcome a threat to their lives.

First Edition published by Torquere Press, 2016.

Book Review

When Black Lace's manager, Jamie, of 'Lace Lovers' by L.J. Hamlin, becomes pregnant, she enlists the help of Zeke, her partner's nephew, to take over some of her responsibilities for  the band. For years, Brenton has hidden his bisexuality, but Zeke, with his different-colored eyes, and his tall, sleek build, pushes all his buttons. In order to get to know Zeke the way he wants to, Brenton understands that he may have to make a choice; to come out of the closet, or lose the opportunity to get to know Zeke better, but he's not prepared to do that just yet.

Brenton isn't afraid of the band's reaction, but telling his family fills him with dread. Brenton knows that they are homophobic and will, at the least, disown him. As sad as their attitude is, Brenton loves them and the idea of their rejection has always stopped him from coming out. His resolve to keep his distance from Zeke is short-lived when Jamie asks Brenton to take Zeke under his wing, adding he's the stable one and will be a good influence. Brenton accepts responsibility for Zeke, thinking that since they can't be lovers, perhaps they can still be good friends.

When Brenton goes home, he's startled to see an envelope inside of his apartment door. Enclosed is a picture of Brenton sleeping and a note saying “Watching you”. He doesn't want to cause Jamie undue stress, so he asks Zeke for help. Zeke agrees to contact security for Brenton, but tells Brenton needs to make a police report. Due to Brenton's rock star status, he can't go to the police station without causing a publicity uproar. Fortunately, Zeke has another solution. His friend, Andy, is a police officer; Zeke calls Andy and convinces him to interview Brenton in Zeke's apartment instead.  

Zeke is an enigma. He's shy, private, and, as Brenton discovers when they go jogging, is in great shape. Zeke is also a published poet, although, due to the personal nature of his poetry, Zeke hasn't told his family. There are some things Zeke just doesn't want his family to know. Zeke doesn't realize how difficult it is for Brenton to be around him, because he thinks Brenton is straight. Even though the police are taking his case seriously, when Brenton finds another envelope, the entire band is sequestered in one place, making security's job easier.  Zeke finally learns that Brenton is bi and helps him make the decision to tell his family. Zeke anxiously awaits a call from Brenton, telling him about how it went with his family. When his phone buzzes, Zeke expects it to be Brenton and answers right away. Instead of Brenton, Zeke has a message saying “I have Brenton. Come alone or I kill him.”

This is a good story with an intriguing plot. Brenton and Zeke had good energy together and the sex between them was hot. The story reminds me that looks can be deceiving. Brenton hid his bisexuality so well that no one knew until he told them. Zeke, too, was much more than he appeared to be which made him intriguing. I was not expecting how the drama involving the stalker played out and, although it ends happily, I was surprised by the ending. If you enjoy stories about rock stars, poets, stalkers, and unexpected twists and turns, you may like this story. Thanks, L.J., for giving Brenton and Zeke their happy ending.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 36000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 15-November-2017
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