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Juno (Salvation Kings MC 5) by Ana Night

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Bikers / Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by nakin1978 on 18-February-2021

Book Blurb

Juno doesn’t do relationships and he’s content with that, right until Rome walks through the front door of the tattoo shop Juno works at. Rome is a dangerous man to want, but Juno didn’t join the Salvation Kings because he was afraid to go after what he wants. He’s always looking for a new adventure and being with Rome seems to be the kind that’ll never end. But what starts as a physical relationship soon evolves into much more than Juno ever thought he’d want.

Rome D’Alessio is a made man, forever bound to the Cosa Nostra and his boss, Marco Serrano. Being a gay man in his world is not only dangerous but also very lonely. The latter changes when he meets Juno, a tattoo artist and patched member of the Salvation Kings Motorcycle Club, whom he can’t seem to take his eyes off. Juno makes him want things he’s long thought he couldn’t have.

When Serrano comes under attack, Rome is forced to seek help from Juno and the Kings, putting their relationship to the test. Can they weather the storm long enough to realize that all they want is each other?


Book Review

Another great read by Ana Knight. I love this series and with each new pairing in the ‘Salvation King’s MC’, I fall even more in love with these stories.

Juno is a tattoo artist along with being a member of the Salvation Kings. He is what you would call a player and he has no bias on whether it is with a woman or a man. Though he does tend to lean more toward women, or at least he did, until Rome walks in one night needing to add to his tattoo.

Juno is immediately warned to not mess with, or proposition, Rome because he is part of the local mafia. But when Rome makes a move on Juno, he knows he will not resist him, nor does he want to. After just one time with Rome, Juno knows that he wants more.

Rome knows that being gay, and in the mafia, he has to keep his sexual preferences close to home. Being gay in the mafia is not accepted at all, but when he meets Juno, he knows that one time will not be enough, for that matter a lifetime would not be enough either. 

When trouble comes knocking on Rome’s boss’s door, Rome turns to the Salvation Kings to help keep Marco’s nephew, Dante, safe. Marco knows that Rome is gay and Rome knows Marco’s secret as well, so these two working together and Rome having Marco’s back at all cost above everyone else, has never been an issue. That is all about to change! Somehow the person who is after Marco finds out that Rome is seeing Juno and in order to get to Marco, they abduct Juno. 

When the call comes in to Rome about Juno’s abduction, Rome is given a choice—turn over Marco and get Juno back safe and sound— or don’t, and Juno will be killed. The question is, what will Rome do? Will he choose his boss and best friend since childhood or will he choose the man that he is falling in love with? How will the Salvation Kings react when they learn that not only has Juno been abducted but he is also involved with someone who is in the mafia? Will Juno be found before it is too late?

This was an incredible read! I truly enjoyed every moment of this book. I cannot wait to see what Ana Knight comes up with next! Definitely a recommended read! 





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 197 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 23-October-2020
Price $3.99 ebook
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