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Ignition by J. Boise

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Students/Teachers/Professors / New Adult / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 26-August-2019

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Zeke Ross lives a double life. At college he stumbles through a cycle of casual sex, loneliness, and self-loathing. When visiting his strict religious family at home, he feigns happiness and is still in the closet. Everything changes when a series of tragedies brings his little brother's best friend, Micah Athers, back into his life. Micah is sweet, understanding, and ignites a spark within Zeke that is impossible to ignore or control.

Rapport grows between the two men until their mutual attraction is consummated in one fiery night of passion with long-term consequences. With their support systems linked through one judgmental family, the relationship between Zeke and Micah must stay concealed. So begins a tumultuous liaison of secret trysts, obsession, sexual discovery, and desperate longing. Once love enters the game, there's no escaping the inevitable fallout that could leave their lives in flames.

Book Review

“Ever since you came into my life, I am a different person. I smile more, laugh more and feel so loved... because of YOU!” ~ Unknown

Zeke Ross hates coming home to visit his parents. Every time he does, he feels like he is being smothered to death because his parents’ love is so “conditional”. Their expectations for him are so high that he feels like he can never please them. Zeke doesn’t dare tell them that he is gay because he fears they would disown him. However, this visit is different. His younger brother’s best friend, Micah, is living with his family. Zeke has known Micah for years, but grown-up Micah is no longer the skinny little kid he remembers; he is a handsome, very desirable young man. One look at him and Zeke knows he is in trouble.

Micah has had a crush on Zeke for years, but never dreamed that Zeke would ever return his feelings. For one, Zeke acted so macho that there was no way he could be gay, so Micah kept his feelings to himself. Also, he was raised in a strict, religious background where admitting being gay would have had dire consequences. Even though he is not living at home anymore, the attitudes of Zeke’s family are similar, keeping him in the closet. Like they have done with their own children, Zeke’s parents want to control Micah, have him do what they consider important. Even though Micah is very talented, they consider his artwork frivolous; they are constantly encouraging him to get a “real” job and forget about drawing, something that he loves to do. In Zeke’s father’s opinion, work is not supposed to be fun.

Zeke tries to ignore his passion for Micah because giving in to his feelings will mean revealing his deep dark secret and risking Micah’s rejection. He finally tells Micah, who, although he has never acted upon it, he is gay as well. This knowledge, opens doors in his heart that he thought would remain shut forever. Zeke, in his own opinion, is a bar slut, certainly not good enough for sweet, innocent Micah. Yet Micah’s honesty and openness touches places in Zeke that no one ever has before; he soon learns that he is falling in love with Micah. When he finds that Micah feels the same way, there is nothing to stop them from acting on it. Yet, Zeke is not ready to come out to his parents for fear of their reaction, and, with Micah living under their roof, he realizes that their relationship puts him in jeopardy, as well; they decide to keep it a secret. The problem is that Zeke lives, works, and goes to school six hours away from home and Micah. Can their love survive their being apart so long?

There are several things I liked about this story. One was how well written it was. The plot unfolded logically and believably. I loved the characters, especially Zeke and Micah. As dense as Zeke could be, he tried his best to let Micah make his own decisions and do what was best for him. With a lifetime of hiding who he was, there was no wonder Zeke had trouble being open and honest; but Micah’s love and persistence was stronger than Zeke’s inability to properly communicate. Thanks, J., for the touching story giving Zeke and Micah the happy ending they deserve.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 256 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 03-July-2019
Price $4.40 ebook, $9.99 paperback
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